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Introducing Sophie From Sophie’s Suitcase

Thursday 10 November 2016

So as you may have seen last month, I've started offering advertising on my blog and part of the package is to share with you my wonderful new blogger advertiser. Last month it was Angie from SilverSpoon London, and this month it is Sophie from Sophie’s Suitcase.

I’ve never met Sophie IRL but we’ve spoken many times over Twitter, Instagram and now Facebook (it’s funny how the world of social media works eh?) but always what stands out to me is her amazing adventures but also fantastic and useful travel advice too.

Sophie sends her time across the globe, writing and photographing her discoveries. Unlike some travel blogs that can be very much a “Oooh look at me and my fantastic life”, Sophie writes useful articles such as what to pack for a road trip or tips for the Notting hill Carnival. If you need some travel advice or tips on where to go and what to do, then Sophie is your girl.

Also as a Lord Of The Rings fan, I'm super jealous of her visit to Hobiton as above! * Fan Girl *

She recently wrote a fantastic Travellers Guide to Morocco with tips on how to get there such as who to fly with and how to find good deals. It includes tips on when to go, where to stay and what to do. I like the sound of trekking up the Atlas Mountains! Morocco is somewhere I’ve always wanted to go, so I’ll be diving right into those tips. Here is a sneak peak:

Makes me want to go even more now! The colours and patterns are beautiful. Sophie’s blog is fantastic source of travel information, so do go check her out now.

Head over to her blog now: Sophie’s Suitcase

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