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The Ultimate Party Capsule Collection

Monday 28 November 2016

We are coming into Christmas season, which means one thing. Christmas parties. It’s the time of year when I start to update my wardrobe. Add in a few key pieces; things I’m going to wear over and over again- and not just the festive period. Yet, I can’t say I’m a casual girl. I love anything a little bit different. Maybe some lace, some embellishment or silk? Yet, I have to admit, after I’ve worn them they usually languish at the bottom of my wash bin (much to the chagrin of my other half). I cannot be bothered to take clothes to get them dry cleaned. It’s hassle and frankly super expensive.   

Which is why when Miele told me about their W1 and T1 washing machine and dryer that makes the ‘unwashable’, washable, I was pretty intrigued.

So get this, the Miele W1 has a honeycomb drum (no small holes in in, where beads and bra hooks get caught) which means you can wash dry-clean only items, such as silk and cashmere. Yep wash dry clean only items! It’s a miracle!

It’s got a multitude of programs for every type of garment going, and TwinDos system actually measures out the amount of detergent you need for that particular set of clothes. It’s the most high tech appliance I think I’ve ever seen.

So I wanted to show you my new capsule collection to you which now I can simply put in the washing machine and wear again and again.

Skirt Marni (sold out)
Heels: ASOS

I love a statement skirt. They are some of my favourite items of clothing, yet notoriously hard to wash. I chose the white top too as together they just look perfect, and would make for a really classy party or drinks event. But the top can be worn with trousers, or even jeans for a more toned down day time look. Maybe even for lunch? As the skirt is definitely the centre of attention, it would work with a multitude of colour tops, from plain to even something a little slinkier.

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Flares: Iris and Ink
Heels: Kurt Geiger (old)

And showing the top can be worn again and again, I teamed it with these amazing silk flares. Black trousers are a wardrobe essential, but usually I just find myself going for easy wash stuff. But now, I decided to venture out and get something a little nicer, as I know I'll be able to re-wear them easily. They'd work well with a big baggy jumper too, for a softer, more casual look.

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Ah autumn, aren't the colours great? I love nothing more than going for a country stroll, which is why a jacket is essential. I want something that will be able to carry me from day to night with a quick change. So I've shown you that it can be work with jeans, and yet then slip it on for an evening over say, those flares. This jacket is technically dry clean only, and yet who really has time to dry clean a everyday jacket? Not me.

Jacket: Iro
Jeans: M&S (old)
Trainers: Nike (old)

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Shoes: ASOS

Finally, the trophy piece. That one dress you have to own. That will stand out amongst those on the dance floor. You know that one you want to make peoples heads turn? Well her is mine. A gorgeous mix of silk, crepe and embellishments. And obviously a disaster for washing... until now. The W1 has a super soft wash cycle that means you can even wash delicates and had wash only. Perfect as I'm the type of girl that will wear the same dress to parties that have different people at them. It's also something I'd wear on a night out too, so it'll last me for ages.

Shop trophy dresses

I think it's so important to be able to re-wear key, gorgeous pieces again and again. I love mixing and matching, and frankly, if I love something, I don't care that it is last seasons. The Miele W1 is a fantastic machine, and with my exclusive code CRV52QF3DN, this entitles you to 20% off all laundry appliances.

Happy shopping and washing guys!

This post was in collaboration with Miele, but all photos, words and views are my own.


  1. About time that someone would come up with something like this!
    I have to say that I wash 50% of what says "dry cleaning only" in the label. Coats, trench coats, some tops and dresses... I just put them on the handwash/wool/delictaes program with 20 degress water and never had an issue.


  2. its Amazingggg... ♥♥♥ 💋💋💋💋

  3. It's kind of rude to spell the designer's name wrong, especially when you have been lent her pieces to wear?

    1. Hi. You are right, I made a spelling mistake, and I will correct that now. However I haven't been lent pieces by her, I bought these.