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How To Incorporate Party Pieces Into Everyday Wear

Monday 9 January 2017

Christmas and New Year are the times we are most likely to splash out on some new party pieces. A new dress here, a killer pair of stilettos there. Thing is though, post the holiday season, often these items never see the light of day again. As how often are you really going to put on a red sequin dress with plunging neckline?

This leads me to often not be able to justify spending money on new items if I think they won’t see a decent ROI, however, if I can wear them again and again and again, then I can justify spending that bit extra on something that’s bit more special.

I am currently loving military and structured pieces. There is something timeless and chic about them that I find really wearable again and again. I love that about winter, as in summer floaty pieces are everywhere and I really don’t suit them to be honest, so I like to stock up during the months they are more readily available.

Over the festive period there were times when I really didn’t want to wear a dress to parties and get together, so I hunted for a pair of “party” trousers. I fell in love with these from Iris and Ink but wondered whether I’d ever wear them again. So I’ve been playing with different looks outside of “party” and I’ve found they are so versatile.  

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Coat: Zara (It's brand new and in ever store, I just can't find it online)
Top: ASOS 
Trousers: Iris and Ink
Heels: Kurt Geiger
Bag: Knomo
Bracelet: Skagen

Smarten them up with a tailored jacket or keep it casual with a light top like denim. 

I got this top off a great website called Octer, which you might not have heard so I thought I’d share. It’s like an online department store for fashion, as it pulls clothing from all across the web from different sites so you can view red dresses for example not just from Topshop, but from Topshop, ASOS etc all at the same time. Which is pretty neat in my eyes.

This bag is pretty much life saver. Ok slight over exaggeration, but it's actually pretty sweet. Not only is it a clutch or cross over bag, it unzips completely and how lots of pockets and pouches to keep everything organised. BUT WAIT, it comes with a freakin phone charger in it! Yes, they actually provide a portable phone charger integrated into it, so you will never be stuck with a dead battery. I think that's quite close to life saving.

But now we come to the pièce de résistance, party shoes.

I adore shoes (obviously, the clues in the name) but I understand that statement, out there shoes you might wear for a fancy party, might not be that wearable again. Or are they?

These absolute beauties from Kurt Geiger are definitely statement shoes. The two tone sequin and glitter is a dream and I've had so many compliments about them. The heel is quite something though, stick thin, it's definitely a girl boss heel.

Whilst I'm not saying go wear these to do your Tesco food shop, with a simple outfit, that let's the shoes do the talking, they make for a great pair of shoes for a lunch date, seeing friends and even shopping. They definitely work in (slightly more formal) everyday wear and are surprisingly really comfortable!

Don't think those beautiful outfits you wore over Christmas have to stay hidden. A lot of dressing  is just confidence, so don't be afraid to try something new and work those party pieces into everyday wear.

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