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Kong: Skull Island Premiere

Friday 3 March 2017

On Tuesday night I found myself walking the red carpet for the new film, Kong: Skull Island premiere. Yes, me. Laura Hyatt. Walking the red carpet shared by Samuel L Jackson and Tom Hiddleston.

I was a guest of Honor, one of the sponsors of the film, and it was such an exciting moment. There are people everywhere! And it can get quite hectic, with stewards and security trying to keep everything under control. There are photographers and people shouting constantly, but that almost adds to the excitement. 

Someone from the crowd shouted that they loved my dress, which I think is this exact moment. It was quite surreal talking to people on the other side of the barriers.

But I can’t disagree, I loved my dress too. Daivor kindly dressed me for the occasion, in this foxy little number, the Sofie dress. It was so soft and fit like a glove. Someone on Instagram said the dress reminded them of an old Angelina Jolie back in her gothic days. Hey, I’ll take that compliment! 

I think I've got a bit to go before I master posing though. I usually just cross my legs and put my arms down by my side. Not quite the seasoned pro.

We made our way in to the cinema to watch the film of the moment. 

Get the look

Inside it was a hive of activity, with journalists scribbling notes down, and people networking.

We then took to our seats in the theatre. 

Just before the film started the director and actors came on stage to give us a little talk about the making of the movie. Yes Samuel, Tom and Brie were *almost* in reaching distance. 

I have to say, Brie Larson is my new girl crush. She was so sweet, and someone called out to her that they loved her and he yelled "I love you too" back. 

Now I'm not going to spoil the movie but it's a fantastic action film. It goes at about 100 miles per hour and the visuals are insane. Wow it is beautifully shot. Although there is one moment with a spider that is giant and I mean Kong giant, and well, I'm now terrified of spiders again!

It was an amazing night and experience, and definitely a pinch me moment. 


  1. You looked like a film star Laura. What an amazing opportunity!

    The Crown Wings

  2. My nephew was telling me all about this movie earlier today. So lucky you were able to attend the premiere and you did look fab in your dress. Glad you had a fun time.

    Victoria x

  3. You look gorgeous Laura, that dress is amazing! I've been to a couple of premieres and they're absolutely crazy aren't they!? So much going on and so many people everywhere!

    C x | Lux Life - Luxury Travel & Lifestyle Blog

  4. I love the dress and what a pinch me moment!!