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Omorovicza Pop Up Spa At Four Seasons, London

Wednesday 22 March 2017

Treat yourself. Or in the digital world, Treat YoSelf, seems to be the phrase of the moment. And quite frankly I agree with it. We seem to be pushing ourselves more and more, working harder, longer, trying to make something of ourselves, which is amazing, but after all that, I do think it’s really important to also Slow. Right. Down sometimes.

Four Seasons is my go to venue at the moment. I seem to go in waves with hotels after discovering them. Years ago I was obsessed with Hotel Café Royal, then it was Rosewood and now I’ve found my new obsession, Four Seasons on Park Lane. 

The end of last year I really got into skincare. I’d never really bothered before, having been brought up on soap and water and maybe the odd face wipe to get rid of tough mascara (!) yet after having a course of Vitamin C peels and Microdermabrasion, I found myself really loving taking care of my skin.

So when I found out that the spa at Four Seasons had joined forces with current talk of the town skin care brand, Omorovicza for a special pop up, I thought why not, and booked myself in for the pop up special facial.

The spa is quite small, but perfect for quiet relaxing time. When I went there was no one else at all there, which I meant I got the steam room and sauna all to myself. I much prefer that, as I feel a bit weird sweating it out in the same room as others. Is that just me?

I decided after a good sweat session to relax in their relaxation room by there fire! Yes, tea by the fire. And I thought roaring fires were over now winter was gone.

They have plenty of magazines if you fancy catching up on the latest fashion and celeb gossip, but I honestly love to spend the time thinking things through. Lately I've been trying to find a way to combine all the different threads in my life. I've got a great job in Programme Management, but then I've also got my blog which gives me so many amazing opportunities and really has changed my life. I'm now taking my photography into the realm of freelance (If you are looking for a photographer to shoot your outfit or blog photos drop my an email) But really I want to feel like they are all connected and leading to one epic super career. So I'm currently trying to put a plan in action for that. So sometimes it's nice to just sit down and think about things without any pressure.

But (too) soon it was time for my facial in the very beautiful treatment room...

Just look at it! It's beautiful!

It's actually a collaboration between Four Seasons, Omorovicza and the Chelsea Physics Garden for Mothers Day, and whilst yes it would make the most amazing treat for your special mum's, it would also make the most amazing treat for yourself... like I did. Sorry mum! (Don't worry I'm visiting her on Sunday in Warrington)

Inspired by all the ingredients in their products, the Chelsea Physics Garden have created a beautiful little sanctuary filled with lavender and rose. 

Omorovicza is a Hungarian skincare brand that has gained a bit of cult following in the UK. It Founders Stephen and Margaret de Heinrich de Omorovicza family built the famous Rácz spa in Budapest which is renowned for its healing waters. So they decided to take the effect of the mineral-rich spa waters and combine with a Nobel Prize-winning dermatology lab to create a new skincare range. 

Also all of their products contain only ingredients that are beneficial to the skin and are always free from harmful substances, including sulphates, petrochemicals, parabens and synthetic fragrances.

The spa at Four Seasons is on their tenth floor and comes with spectacular views across London. You know how you pay £30 or so to go up the View at The Shard? Why not pay £50 for spa access and a 30 minute facial and get the views thrown in? Ok sure it’s not quite the same height… but I guarantee the facial will more than make up for that difference. 

Omorovicza have created a special 30 minute facial for the pop up collaboration which is a repairing and hydrating treatment. This is perfect for my skin as I once was told at a previous facial that I had dehydrated skin.

Lying back under the warm blankets looking out over (yes a little drizzly) London, it was time for my facial.

First cleansing my face, my therapist used the Hungarian Moor mud, which had a lovely texture to it. Very creamy, but had a bit oomf to it which felt like it really got in those nooks and crannies to cleanse. Then came the rose scented gold mask which smelt insanely good. This is filled with hyaluronic acid which nourishes the skin. Whilst this was sinking in, ice cold rose crystals were used to perform a massage. This is such a game changer! It was so refreshing and certainly woke my skin up.
After this was removed, a neck cream was then applied that had truffle extract in it. This is great for firming, which if I'm going to keep a sagging neck at bay then I'm all for. 

Finally a Hungarian massage was performed. It's kind of strange as as it involves very very fast finger flicks all over the face. But surprisingly it feels really soothing!

And relax. Ahhh. The whole treatment just left my skin so refreshed and super soft. Also it seemed to have instantly faded some of my red pigmentation which was a bonus. 

The pop up runs until the 2nd of April so make sure you hurry! You can book here, Enjoy!


  1. Sounds fab, Laura! I can't wait to try it!

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  3. Amazing, sounds awesome - I am a total spa lover... Sounds like a good one, for me anywhere relaxing and anything with Hyaluronic acid just do wonders for my skin! I'm also a blogger/programme manager so if you ever want to chat just shout!

  4. it must be so relaxing
    keep in touch

  5. The treatment room is the most beautiful place i've ever seen!!! x

    Abi | abistreetx