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Searcys Presents: Women Winning Their Way

Monday 20 March 2017

Gosh it feels like I have been away from blogging for a lifetime. I think it's been two weeks since I last blogged, which by my standards is ages. I've had a little break I guess you could say whilst work has been super busy. We are at a very important time and I just haven't had the extra time to write my blog. But don't worry my lovely lot! I used this weekend to get on top of things, and I'm now back in business.

Which is why I thought this post was aptly due as it's all about celebrating women rocking their own businesses.

Searcys the Champagne bar collection had hosted a women in business event to bring to attention the amazing women who create something and run their own businesses from scratch with just an idea, determination and the persistence to succeed. Who run the world?

I had been to one of Searcys venue's before over at The Gerkin for their Moroccan themed popup, but this one blew that out of the water. I didn't realise Searcys had quite the luxury collection of venues for private hire and events. We gathered at their 30 Pavilion Road venue in Knightsbridge and what a gorgeous townhouse it is. It really is quite something and a photographers dream.

For the first half of the event we networked with women (and a few men) from across the city. I met lawyers, writers, developers and entrepreneurs; every type of career must have been covered here. But the one thing in common was that these women were career women and they were working hard to better themselves.

Of course, if you work hard, you play hard too right?

There was a gorgeous Pinkster Gin bar up the top of the stairs, which if you haven't heard of before if a independent English gin company who make raspberry infused gin which with a spring of mint and tonic is delicious.

The townhouse really was stunning though and the more I explored the more I wanted to move in! I'm trying desperately to think of an event I could host, just so I could hire this.

Ah Mallow and Marsh. I've been a long time fan of theirs ever since I received a packet in a goody bag from an event a few years ago. Harriot Pleydell-Bouverie started the company on the back of a bet. She was down the pub (like where all good stories start) when her friends made a bet that she couldn't make marshmallows. Challenge accepted, and whilst slightly drunk she spent the night making them. Turns out she was rather good and well the rest is history. She decided to turn that in to a business.

Jo Malone was also a feature of the event. Joanne Malone is recoginsed across the world and is the epitome was a woman made company. She grew up in a council house in Kent, and had severe dyslexia so left school without any qualifications. However she set up her company anyway with mother Eileen, and well, it's now worth millions.

It was amazing to meet so many incredible women. I really did come away feeling inspired. It makes me think to all those bloggers and vloggers who are killing it at the moment. That is a business, and one they've built from the ground up. That is some serious achievement and regardless of what the media says, I know it's damn hard work. So cheers to them.

Then came the second half of the evening, the talks.

I loved listening to Anna Whitehouse who founded the amazing and award winning blog Mother Pukka. Through adversity (Anna lost a baby) she channeled that into her blog, making it now of the most read parenting websites.

The there was Lyndsey Simpson who gave up her well paid job at Barclays to start her own HR company. She was giving up what seemed the perfect job, why risk it? Yet when you know something just isn't working deep down, and you are made for something else, sometimes you just have to take that leap of faith.

The evening left me feeling full of inspiration and ideas. I really want 2017 to be the year that I make a decent stab at my photography business. I'm already doing shoots for bloggers (Email me if you are looking for a photographer for your outfit photos) and I'm doing a few brand shoots too. So hopefully I'll get the ball rolling further this year.

Whatever you do, always make sure you do what you love. Sometimes it might just take a leap of faith to start doing what you truly love, but if you put your mind to it, you really can achieve amazing things. 


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