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Judge and Jury at Courthouse Shoreditch Review

Monday 15 May 2017

I recently started a new job over by Liverpool Street Station- well Spitalfeilds to be precise. For the first time I’m edging into becoming an East London girl. The East isn’t typically my style, with my usual style opting for more heels and a quiet bar to sit and sip cocktails. However with my new found home, it was time I discovered more of the area, and what better way than with one of my favourite things- food.

Courthouse Hotel in Shoreditch has had a refurbishment- £40million to be precise. I’d actually never heard of it, but apparently it’s well known in the area. Funnily enough when I turned up I knew exactly where it was, as the few times I do go to Shoreditch, I always catch the bus that stops right outside. 

As the name would suggest, Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch is an old courthouse, but it’s one with some rather infamous clientele. The Kray brothers were shacked up here and actually you can go see (and sit in) the very cells they were locked up in.

The bar is a really nice area, filled with plush interiors and furnishings. For those of you who love a clean white Instagram, here is your new spot. Whilst it’s got a touch of luxe, it’s cheeky and fun too and plays up to its jail heritage with tongue firmly in cheek. The cocktails include the ball and chain which is what I went for. 

The cocktails were pretty decent and reasonable priced for the area actually. 

After a couple of drinks to start off the evening, we headed into the dinning room; Judge and Jury.

Judge and Jury is in one of the old circular chambers which is a nice unique touch. Having never been to court- touch wood- it was quite fascinating.

The menu is quite varied and doesn't stick to one particular cuisine as such, although they do have a good few vegetarian options which Helen by dinning partner was pleased about (There was an incident where when she first went vegetarian and I forgot, booked a French restaurant and there was zero vegetarian mains. Bad friend)

For starters Helen had celery and cauliflower hummus and pita bread. It's not the most photogenic dish in the world but Helen gave her thumbs up for it. I tried a little bit and I have to admit it wasn't quite to my taste. Celery and Cauliflower are both quite...bland flavours so I would have liked a bit more depth to it personally. 

However I had pork belly and spiced squash which was lovely. The creaminess of the squash worked lovely with the fattiness and char of the pork. 

Helen's vegetarian main was butternut squash with cheddar and basil. I didn't try any, but Helen once again said she liked it..

I had the pan fried duck breast with blue cheese and walnut crumb. I did love the walnut and cheese combo with it, which I thought was unusual to have with duck.

Finally we both had the chocolate marquise as I just love the stuff and this didn't let me down.

Now I don't know if it was because we went only a few days after re-opening, but I did find the atmosphere slightly lacking, so I do really hope that will have picked up in the few weeks since I went as it would be a shame otherwise. 

However grab your group of girlfriends as it would make such a fun night sitting in Ronnie Krays cell drinking cocktails. Hopefully the only time you'll be in jail!

335-337 Old Street

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