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Four Seasons Secret Garden

Monday 26 June 2017

Last week the UK went into absolutely meltdown as temperatures soared. Twitter was ablaze with people saying they were dying from the heat, and memes of the Wicked Witch “I’m melting” were going viral. Right now the sun might not be quite out as strong, but summer is firmly here, which means one thing in my opinion; summer terraces.

As someone who doesn’t like beer, larger or cider (So the general contents of pubs) I never understood the appeal of a beer garden when I was at University. Yet now that I’m older and I’ve discovered the likes if cocktails and champagne, a terrace is pure joy. The warm weather, a cold crisp glass of bubbles, it really is a little luxury.

Now you’ve probably read on here about the Four Seasons, many many times now, but it’s because I just keep going back, again and again. To me, it feels like a little tucked away haven amongst the hustle and bustle of London. Especially their terrace, as it’s a walled garden surrounded by huge skyscrapers, which makes it feel like a my little secret garden.

For summer the Four Seasons and Veuve Cliquot have opened up, well aptly named, the Secret Garden, so Saturday night and I was down there like a shot. 

Bubbles all round ladies!

Oh and who better than to share this with than Angie Silverspoon? I love Angie, and I love that whilst we met through blogging, gosh, about 3 years ago now, that we are firmly friends even outside of blogging. I’ve made a little promise to myself that I plan to spend more time with my friends this year. I know it’s hard for us all as we are all so busy, with work and families, but even if its only once a month I see each friend for a catch up, it means things don’t slide.

The terrace has gotten the food just right, by serving tapas style nibbles. The range is quite diverse from Malaysian Beef, Paneer (I’m obsessed with Paneer since India) and flatbreads. The thing with the Four Seasons is, the food is darn good, they no how to use flavours and premium ingredients to add depth.

On Saturday I had been rushing around so much, and felt quite stressed to be honest. I’ve lost my camera charger- I turned my house upside down and even went to my office on Saturday to look for it (which is 2 hours away from my house) and still couldn't find it- so I made panicked around the shops trying to buy a new one. Then I had a couple of blog jobs to do, and so then before I knew it, it was 6pm and I hadn’t ate or drank all day. So I may have indulged in a little off terrace menu food and got their truffle risotto as let me tell you, it is HEAVEN! 

Honestly it is so so good, I wish I could have bowl after bowl after bowl. Honestly, it’s that good. Please, if you come to the terrace, order some risotto?

Of course, I couldn’t not try their summer cocktail range. Now I’m annoyed at myself as I didn’t write down the name of the cocktail I had, and at the time, I thought I’d remember, obviously that was never going to happen, (but I’ll add it in when I find out), but the summer cocktail I had, honestly was do damn good. The Four Seasons are nailing it with the risotto, the cocktails and always credit for serving me panner. 

The terrace is the prettiest space, and if you are an Instagram lover, you really can’t go wrong with this backdrop. Me and Angie ended up moving inside once it got drank, and carried on the girls night way into the night. I’d really recommend Four Seasons Secret Garden to you, so check it out whilst we still have some sun!


  1. I'm not a fan of beer, lager. or cider either - much more a fan of cocktails and bubbles! So this place looks like it's right up my street!

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  3. Such a cute place Laura and the cocktails look on point. Adding it to my places to check out x