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Press For Gin

Sunday 4 June 2017

Gin. It's the spirit on everyone's lips these last 6 months. It's also the most British of tipples, which means when the sun decides it wants to peak its head out for us, the gin starts flowing. 

I'm no exception to the rule and love gin, so when I heard about a press for gin event, I was pretty much over like a shot.

Press for champagne had its moment a few years ago, but gin? Now that I can get onboard. 

Although it's not actually a permanent fixture, but a pop-up by Brockmans gin. 

So what is press for gin, I hear you ask? Well my lovelies, at each table there was a bit old button and when you hit that, the waitors watche buzz with which table, and they come over with your gin. What more could you ask for?

The pop-up bar is actually in the most beautiful location, called the Victorian Bath House, which is this tiny old little Victorian building nestled in amongst the giant glass and metal of Liverpool Street. I've actually walked right by it so many times and yet never noticed. 

Each ticket came with 3 gins and accompanying snacks including a gold topped ham hock bun. Well what did you expect for the gin lovers? A bownof peanuts?

Actually what was really cool was the entertainment. Gin and a muscle bound man doing a light show, now we are talking.

I half felt like I was at one of those secret societies that city folk join and this was one of their monthly gatherings. I hoped there would be no initiation though...

My usual consumption of gin is limited to gin and tonic, or sloe gin and lemonade if I'm feeling particularly summary, which was why it was really interesting to see all the ways Brockmans​ serve gin.

Brockmans is quite smooth, yet intense gin. Whilst it has the botanicals like other gins, it's the orange notes that make it unique and perfect for both summer and winter and you can either do winter spice or fruity summer drinks.

Or of course, fancy drinks like dry ice and wow all your guests. I think I might leave that to the experts though.

And as much as the gin was amazing, one of the highlights of the night for me was the incredible fire breathers. I took a million photos but I've tried to limit it for you. Just look at these women!

Bloody hell they were incredible. Time to pick up a new hobby maybe?

The final drink was needed after holding my breath watching that show!

Of course, the night wasn't quite over. Brockmans had one last surprise- gin ice cream! Yes. 

I left with a much lighter head than I came, and maybe slightly blind one the eyes from the bright lights of the fire, but the pop up is super fun. Even if I did get a little trigger happy pressing that button! 

The next pop up will be on for three nights in July 24th-26th . 
So make sure you check it out when the tickets are released later this month, as for everything it's only £25pp and it's a really fun night out.


  1. thats such a cool place!
    keep in touch

  2. Love the idea of press for gin!!

  3. Hey there gorgeous, I nominated your blog for The Real Net Blog Award. Check it out in my blog here: https://dreamerachiever.com/2017/06/06/the-real-neat-blog-award/

  4. it seems pretty fun! I will try not to miss the next pop-up :)

    xx Raquel