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WTA Pre-Wimbledon Party

Wednesday 5 July 2017

Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you won’t have been able to go anywhere without Wimbledon jumping out at you. Well I’m one of those too. Wimbledon is one of our biggest sporting tournaments of the year and as a nation we are incredible proud. I will admit, I’ve never played tennis properly, sure, I’ve played it with family on holiday, but I didn’t go to the type of school where tennis was played and I still say Duce like its juice.

However I get just as caught up in the Wimbledon spirit like everyone else, sitting on the grass at the park where the big screens are erected, watching the games with a glass of Pimms in hand. However a little email dropped into my inbox last week with some rather exciting news. An invitation to the official WTA Pre-Wimbledon party with Haagan-Dazs! And so I found myself heading The Roof Gardens and on the purple carpet.

In 2016, Häagen-Dazs joined the line-up of prestigious Wimbledon partners to become the Official Ice cream of The Championships, and once again they are the ice cream sponsor. I feel like I don't need to introduce Häagen-Dazs too much to you, as lets be honest, we all LOVE them. Growing up they were the posh ice cream my mum would buy for special occasions like birthdays. They were a little luxury, especially compared to the cheap ASDAs own ice cream we used to have at other times. 

Well they've brought out a new little luxury just for Wimbledon. What do you associate Wimbledon with? Strawberries and cream of course! So it was only right that they've gone and brought out a strawberries and cream ice cream. It's a limited edition run in collaboration Björn Borg, the sports wear brand, and you get both single sticks and also tubs for sharing... or as my freezer will show you, definitely not for sharing. 

I can confirm they are seriously good. I got to the party around 7pm, ahead of the celebrities who were doing interviews and photo calls. With free reign of the ice cream man, I may have polished off two before 7:45.

This is me trying to lick chocolate off my teeth mid photoshoot. Yup, I could not wait and stop eating even when trying to take a photo. Typical.

The party is held at The Roof Gardens which if you'd never been to before, oh wow you are in for a treat! Stunning is an understatement! And without sounding truly like a millennial, it really is an Instagrammers dream.

Perfectly manicured gardens that look like they should be in Spain or somewhere similarly warm and tropical. Who needs to book that holiday when London has it all?

The party was a great buzz of people, all relaxing out in the sun. Fizz in one hand, and some amazing pulled pork buns in the other resulted in one happy girl.

It was really interesting to see the behind the scenes work the tennis stars do with the media. I managed to get into the media pen and for a while I watched as the tennis stars moved down the line of reporters answering a few questions before moving on to the next person.

Some media outlets were live streaming too, as now social media is just as big as "traditional" media. So that was fun to witness. I've still yet to do a live stream- the pressure to be constantly interesting is too great!

As dark started to draw, the party just started kicking off. For more of a insider look, I vlogged about my time, so check it out below. And also, make sure you grab one of the strawberries and cream ice creams before hey go. Obviously available at Wimbledon, but also Sainsbury's and through Amazon Prime. So go go go! Even if you aren't heading down to the match itself, I think it's only fair you get to take part in a tennis foodie tradition.

This post was sponsored by Haagan-Dazs.


  1. First of all - I LOVE that dress, you look so pretty in it! Second of all, I'm SO craving that ice cream now.. I can't wait for lunch break so I can go and enjoy the sunshine (and maybe an ice cream or two...) x

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

  2. That looks like really good fun, I want to go and see their pop up shop on the dials. Great post.

  3. That dress looks so gorgeous on you hun! Also - thanks for the heads up on the limited edition ice cream, strawbs and cream sounds like a little bit of heaven to me!!! x