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Ampersand Hotel, London Review

Monday 7 August 2017

I started this blog as I was about to move down to London to start my graduate job and my new life. I wanted to write about all the amazing places I found; cool bars, restaurants and events on, as I truly believe London is one of the best cities in the world. Because of this I've managed to gained readers all over the world (hello you lovely lot) with many of you coming to London to also discover all the wonders on offer. So it would only be right if I shared a London hotel with you too, so you have somewhere exciting to stay too. So say hello to the Ampersand Hotel in South Kensington.

I can tell you this much already, the Ampersand Hotel has fast become one of my favourite hotels in London. It's fun, quirky but with a very high finish and all the staff are really lovely.

The Ampersand hotel takes design very seriously and that is evident throughout. Bold colours and fun prints are the style here, yet it never looks childish or tacky. It's also part of the Small Luxury Hotels collection meaning that it has to go through a rigorous process and meet a luxurious criteria to be a member, so you know it's going to be excellent.

I strolled through the lounge area on my once round the hotel (I always check out every public area if possible) and I spied a table of cakes and the most gorgeous Italian coffee machine. Me thinks I'll have to return for some afternoon coffee and cake soon.

But of course when it comes to a hotel, the bedroom is the key, so you'll be pleased to know, these are stunning! A lot of London hotels are... challenged on space shall we say, favouring cramming lots of rooms in to maximise profits, yet my room at the Ampersand was abundant with space.

Soft fabrics and and dark wood made for a really cosy feel. Almost like it was your own bedroom- just that little more luxurious.

The room was dominated by this huge head piece. Personally I loved it, although my boyfriend hated it, so I think it's quite the marmite feature.

There was one thing us techies really loved though was the inclusion of a smartphone in the room. I'd never seen a hotel before offer something like it. It received all the information about your room to it, as well as local news bulletins and a search function for hotel and local area questions. I think thats really smart.

However the pièce de résistance was the bathroom. Oh the bathroom! Wow, it was huge! Forget tiny, barely squeeze in the shower types, this had a shower big enough for two comfortably, as well as the deepest bath I may have ever seen, and still with room to dance around to the shower radio.

Plus it had underfloor heating. Oh yeah, that has to be one of the best feelings when getting out of the shower.

After a well rested nights sleep, it was time to head to breakfast. But to get there, you have to pass these gorgeous stairs.

I think they must be one of the most photographed set of stairs in London.

Breakfast is served downstairs in Apero, and its a mixture of counter continental buffet and A La Carte.

Naturally I went for both.

I have to say the ricotta pancakes were some of the best I've had in ages. I think it must be the ricotta element because damn they were so light and fluffy.

I have to say I left the Ampersand hotel with a little smile on my face. It's just a warm and friendly place. Honestly I think it might be one of my favourite hotels in London. I'll defiantly be back for those cakes, and maybe some pancakes too.

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