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Plum Gin Fizz Recipe

Wednesday 16 August 2017

At the weekend, I found myself doing my usual look through the fridge to see what fresh stuff I had left over and what I potentially needed to buy for the new week- all very adult-y.

There on the middle shelf was a punnet of plums I'd bought on a whim in a bid to be more healthy. I think at the time I'd muttered something about fruit and porridge but that never happened. I didn't want to let the fruit go to waste, but I didn't fancy just snacking on them whole. I racked my brains, until my eyes drifted over to my alcohol cupboard. I wonder...

And so the Plum Gin Fizz recipe was born.

If you haven't guessed by now, gin is my go to drink. I mean I'm happy with just a simple gin and tonic, which wouldn't be the same for something like vodka, so it's a nice easy drink. But add in a few ingredients and you can lift it to a whole other level. Plums can be either sweet or tart, and I try to go for the middle of the road variety so I can layer the other flavours into the cocktail. This recipe is ridiculously simple, and one that you can make with just a few house hold items, except maybe the plums- unless you too bought some on a healthy kick whim. I think adding them to gin though might negate their healthy factor.

For this recipe I used G'Vine Gin. Now I want to clarify, this isn't a sponsored post, I had some in my cupboard after I went to their 10 year birthday party in Paris a while ago, and thought G'Vine would make a good pairing and also might be good to introduce you to a more unusual gin than I've spoken about previously on my recipe posts.

G'Vine is a French gin and slightly unusual in that it's made from grape vine which most gins are not.  They use the grape vine flower which has only a window of a few days before it turns into normal grapes, meaning there is only a small window to make G'Vine. It's quite silky in texture and slightly more sweeter than some of the standard British gins. I also thought it went well with this recipe as one of it's flavour ingredients is lime, which I'll be using.



  • G'Vine Gin- 50ml
  • Tonic Water 100ml
  • 2 plums
  • Half a lime
  • 1 teaspoon of runny honey 
  1. Slice the plums into thin slices and add into the bottom of your desired glass. I like the mason jar for this as it feels fun but a standard glass will do. 
  2. Squeeze the juice of one half a lime over the plums
  3. Next add one teaspoon of ruin honey on top. 
  4. Then add the gin, and then the tonic. 
  5. Stir well to mix in all the flavours.
  6. Serve 

And there you have it, a very simply but punchy drink that will use some of those cupboard staples. So if you are like me and actually can't do the healthy eating regime I told myself, at least this way you aren't wasting food. I'd say that's still being an adult, right?

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  1. This drink looks amazing and tasty! I definitely have to try it. I'd say it still is de adult thing since you're not letting it go to waste!