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Spa Day at The Four Seasons Hampshire

Wednesday 9 August 2017

London is a wonderful place. Full of excitement, pop ups left right and centre and usually running around to keep up to date. However one thing it lacks is space. Peace. And that classic English countryside. But fear not as just s short train ride out of London's Waterloo and you end up in glorious Hampshire. More specifically I end ed up at the Four Seasons Hampshire for a very refined country day out.

The Four Seasons Hampshire hotel is an 18th century manor house and set in 500 acres of beautiful grounds. As you'd expect with a Four Seasons it's immaculate and every which way you turn it's bursting with colour touches of luxury.

Me and Helen decided to spend a girlie day together, and decided to start the day with some lunch in their spa restaurant. I was surprised for a classically English manor hotel, the menu is mostly Thai inspired, although I really like Thai food so no complaints.

The spa restaurant is a cute conservatory that looks out onto the garden with full length windows which just flood the room with light, making it gorgeous and glowing. Also as it's the spa restaurant you can even go to the spa first and then have lunch in your dressing gown.

Although no lunch would be complete without some champagne.

Helen decided to go for the Miso crusted salmon. I didn't try any but she really enjoyed it.

I on the other hand decided to go for the Thai Green Curry, as even though it was a really sunny day, I was craving something hearty- probably not my smartest move as we were about to go to the spa and into our bikinis next, but hey ho.

I hadn't had Thai green curry in ages, so it was lovely to have something different. Spicy but not blow your head of spicy, with a creaminess to it which coated the rice perfectly.

Never one to turn down desserts, we dived straight in.

Helens strawberry sponge looked incredible and I have to say I had slight food envy as whilst mine was truly divine, I wished there was a bit more of it. I had the salted caramel cheesecake which whilst people may say it's rich enough for a small slice, I disagree. I want it all!

After sipping the last of our drinks, we heading out to find the spa. You can go through the building, but with views like this, we decided to take the scenic route.

Like I said, the hotel is situated in 500 acres of grounds, with some of those being stunning flower gardens. Right now being summer is the perfect time to go, maybe even bring your drinks outside and just bask in the beauty of the English countryside.

Who needs the south of France for Lavender fields eh?

After a leisurely stroll we made our way round to the spa. The spa at the Four Seasons Hampshire is an integral part of it. They have two swimming pools- one inside (in a conservatory no less) and one out, as well as a dozen treatment rooms, a gym and the usual sauna, steam room and relaxation rooms.

The spa uses some of the most luxurious products like ESPA and Sodashi but also many local and organic products, including a range made of local bees wax which is what I opted to have.

If you saw my post on the Four Seasons London spa, you'll know that the changing facilities are always luxurious.

After sunbathing in the garden, followed by thoroughly steaming my pours out in the steam room my therapist came to collect me for my Beeutiful Body Candle Massage.

All the rooms can have the colour of the room changed depending on your fancy (I chose green) and of course the temperature depending if you like it warm or not- the beds are heated too which is perfect for me who likes everything the hotter the better.

The treatment starts by the therapist lighting what looks like a candle, yet the wax is actually bees wax which is then used as the massage "oil" only instead of oil its the bees wax. The massage is more about relaxation and moisturising than getting out those knots in your back, so the pressure was medium and long, and about putting you in sublime state. 

The wax is mixed with coconut and soy which are all organic and there are no nasties in any of the products meaning that your body is receiving only natures goodness. Once lit the smell fills the room, and I have to say, as someone who normally gets a strong pressure massage, the mixture of the smell and the light touch nearly sent me to sleep it was so relaxing.

Of course the time flew by and it was soon time to head back into busy London. Although with this so close by, I'm sure it won't be my last visit by any means. So whether you are stressed out in London, or just fancy exploring more of the UK, I'd say head to Hampshire for a relaxing day out to the Four Seasons. You won't regret it. Oh and don't forget your camera. It's too beautiful not to want to get some snaps.

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