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OCCO at The Dylan, Amsterdam

Wednesday 11 October 2017

Arriving in Amsterdam it was already dark. The weather had started to turn and we fancied something warm and inviting for dinner on a Friday night. 

When I was searching for hotels, I came across The Dylan, and whilst I didn't book it, I did book dinner in their Brasserie OCCO.  

The hotel has quite some history. First being built as a theatre in the 1600's, it actually burnt down during it's first performance. Later in 1773 the site was bought by the Catholic Church and given to it's charity; Old & Poor People’s Office. They kept the building until 1998, when it was bought and turned into a luxury boutique hotel, in 1999.

One of things I read about OCCO was that it had a darn good bar. Which by the looks of things, would be true. If I lived here, you'd probably find my propped up on one of those seats every weekend.  

Inside it's a relaxed vibe. I did go dressed up in a pencil skirt and Bardot top which might have been too much for this. It's more about relaxed luxury than over the top ponce. Think laughing over cocktails with girlfriends rather than trying to work out which is the fish knife. 

Keen to try the cocktail selection, I went for the Graaf W A Van Buuren- a name which I know I butchered to the waiter. 

But butchered or not, it was a darn fine drink.

Dan's however was a little off the menu...

He's always had a thing for Zombie's- the uber strong drink which I've actually seen some bars say on the menu no more than 2 per customer. Personally I hate them, but they do always come in the funkiest glasses. 

As it was late, we opted not to have starters and decided to indulge in some good old fashioned bread and butter. It's one of my favourite snacks. Sprinkle a little sea salt on and it's heaven.

For our mains, Dan went for Ceaser salad but with a twist of prawns rather than chicken. I didn't try any but it looked pretty great. 

However a salad could never top my steak. Charred brilliantly, and pink in the middle it was full of flavour. Plus the chips were really good. Never underestimate a good chip, they can make or break a meal in my opinion. 

Now I'm a dessert kind of girl. However I have to say, I was pretty stuffed after my steak, which is quite unusual for me. However I couldn't have nothing at all. That would be treason. Luckily OCCO have thought of that. They do a quad of Macarons which I'm guessing you are supposed to share, but I just ate them all. Definitely not sorry. Of course I paired it with my beloved espresso martini and basically the night was made.

For how little food we consumed, we actually spent a long long time there, ordering more drinks and just chatting. It's the kind of place that feels homely and welcoming, and one that draws you in with a strong drink too. 

So next time you are in Amsterdam, I'd venture over to OCCO at The Dylan. You won't leave disappointed. 


  1. This looks amazing!! So desperate to visit Amsterdam!!
    a life of a charlotte

  2. Sounds like an ideal Amsterdam evening! Can't wait to hear about the rest of your trip!

  3. Ohh all those cocktails look so good, especially your orange one. I'm in love with the glass too! I really want to go to Amsterdam next year so I'll definitely have to keep this place in mind..! x

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

  4. This blog post is perfectly timed as i'll be off to Amsterdam in the next few weeks. Ill be sure to check it out!
    Charlotte// escapingtheoffice.co.uk