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Palm Springs Spa At Four Seasons Ten Trinity

Thursday 5 October 2017

September was something of an anomaly for me. I took 9 plane journeys and visited 5 countries, and no I’m not a full time travel blogger. So can I get a #GirlBoss ? I’ve loved every moment of zipping around from country to country, exploring new places and soaking up the culture (and a fair few cocktails along the way), so keen to keep up the travel, I headed to the Four Seasons Ten Trinity as Palm Springs were hosting a spa evening to learn more about the gloriously sunny Florida destination.

I’ve been to the Four Seasons Ten Trinity before and raved about it. Everything from the d├ęcor, to the music, right down to the food and drink is exceptional. However I hadn’t managed to see the spa until now.

Whilst it may be located in the basement, don’t expect it to be dark and forgotten. Oh no. In fact they’ve pulled out the stops even more. From the reception area, bathed in gold, right through to the hugely spacious changing rooms.

It is however the pool area that draws a few gasps. It has to be one of the most stunning spa pools I’ve ever come across. Sadly as I was coming after work, I didn’t have time before my treatment to use it… excuse to come back right?

There’s eight treatment rooms at the Four Seasons spa, the pool, a sauna, a steam room and a couples treatment room. I’d opted for a salt scrub and massage that lasted 60 minutes. I’ve said it a dozen times ow on this blog, that I adore scrubs. This one contained Apricot Seed Kernels, Spearmint and Aloe Vera, and let me tell you, my skin was so soft afterwards, and even for about a week later, I could noticeably feel my skin was smoother. Even my boyfriend commented, which is a huge rarity, so take that as a sign it must be extra good.

I’ve never been to Florida so I was really keen to find out more information about this exclusive destination.  Palm Springs is famed for its shopping, amazing restaurants and of course spa’s. It’s the place to be seen, and spend a little cash on yourself. October is the month of wellness in Palm Springs, and so there will be some amazing offers available for you to book for spa and R&R holidays.

Settling down to dinner in the Rotunda Lounge to talk more about our favorite treatments and travels, the sound of an amazing live band started to play. They were fantastic and took any requests you through at them. 

Of course I had to start the evening with an Espresso Martini. I sometimes think I should branch out once in a while, it's getting a little out of hand now.

But not too worry, as food appeared. I went for the Burrata with tomato salad. Ohhh boy was it good. There is something so special about burrata, and the sweetness of the tomatos was an excellent accompaniment, 

There were many light dishes on the menu, but I was feeling the need for something just that little heavier. Yes a steak. Cooked in it's own skillet, it was charred but still pink in the middle just how I like it. 

However the main was slightly over shadowed by my discovery of an ice cream cart. Like a small child I lept up and asked for the biggest sundae they did. I asked our waiter if it was popular "Yes. With children..."

Let me hear a hell yeah for the best looking dessert of the evening. It was all my sugary dreams come true. Even if I did slip into some kind of food coma in the taxi home. I think I'm going to have to book a wellness break just to get over all this food!


  1. Now that was a fun night and a beautiful spa!!

  2. Ah don't worry, I'd be like a child and all over that sundae too, it looks amazing!

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