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Sir Adam Hotel, Amsterdam

Wednesday 18 October 2017
The Butcher, Sir Adam Hotel, Amsterdam

Getting the other half to come away with me is something of a mission. However I have recently discovered the one way he will come- if it’s for work. There was a cyber security conference on in Amsterdam, so with a bit of poking, I got him to extend his stay to cover the weekend too. We were having our long over due mini break together. Hurrah. Only problem was I had just over a week to book a hotel, and well, turns out September in Amsterdam is rather busy.

I’ll be honest with you, the Sir Adam hotel wasn’t on my original hotel list when I was looking. In fact I hadn't even heard of it. Yet unless I fancied parting with best part of a grand for a suite, everywhere I originally thought of was booked up. I hadn’t even considered crossing the river behind the train station, as I thought it way to inaccessible, yet with time running out, I had a look.

Turns out crossing the river is the easiest thing in the world. There is a ferry that literally comes every 5 minutes, 24 hours a day, all for free. And the journey itself takes about 2 minutes.

The Sir Adam hotel is a fairly new hotel, only opening in the beginning of this year. It occupies space in the A’dam Toren, which also houses the observatory, a bar and a restaurant as well as office space.

Walking inside the hotel, I was glad I had decided to look as it’s a rather fun hotel. See on the ground floor is a huge social area. Filled with comfy sofas, bean bags and the best thing, a bar.

The Butcher, Sir Adam Hotel, Amsterdam

The vibe is what any Londoner would recognise as Shoreditch. Exposed brick, concrete, metal and lots of greenery mixed in.

Sir Adam Hotel Lobby, Amsterdam

Or another word would be hipster. Turns out though that the hotel space actually used to be music studios so they might have a decent claim to the hipster vibe.

And music is definitely felt throughout. Everywhere you go there are music magazines, records (you can borrow as many as you like) and posters honoring the greats.

Sir Adam Hotel Lobby, AmsterdamSir Adam Hotel Bedroom, Amsterdam

The rooms are quite small which I was a little surprised with at first. I'd hoped for a desk at least, as I like to do a little work when I'm away, but there wasn't space.  However space become less of a concern when you actually look around and take in the awesome features the room comes with. Each room has a fully working guitar, record player (and a whole host of records downstairs in the library), binoculars to look out over the river and a series of music inspired art work. The views are also pretty stunning, especially at night, as you can see the city all lit up.

Take away the decorative leather pillows and you have one of the comfiest beds I've ever stayed in. In fact the most comfiest bed I ever have stayed in was in Amsterdam last year, so maybe Amsterdam is just know for its great bedding.

Sir Adam Hotel Bedroom, AmsterdamSir Adam Hotel Bedroom, Amsterdam

Oh and not to mention a pretty sweet mirror that I really want to recreate in my house.

Sir Adam Hotel Bedroom, Amsterdam

One thing to bare in mind that might niggle some people so I thought I should point out, is that the bathroom sink is in the bedroom. The toilet and shower are in separate rooms but the sink is in the bedroom. It didn't bother me, but I know it might irk some people, so just FYI.

The Butcher, Sir Adam Hotel

At night the hotel turns into a fun and very lively bar. Whilst you can go sit with a cocktail, something else for once got my attention. The arcade games. From air hockey to Game of Thrones pinball. I lost many hours (and euros) to the machines.

The Butcher, Sir Adam Hotel

It's not the only thing you'll want to check out at the hotel though. 

Ok so not strictly speaking part of the hotel, but on the roof of A'dam Toren is the Lookout. Which is a rooftop area that acts half as a chill out zone, again with bean bags (I see a theme coming on) and as an observatory to see out over the city. 

Red Horse at Lookout, Amsterdam

And for some reason there is also a horse. Don't ask. 

Amsterdam aerial view
Amsterdam aerial view

Oh and make sure you exit through the gift shop. There's quite the range of gifts...

Pug Mask

The Sir Adam hotel surprised me a lot. I wasn't sure if hipster hotel was for me, but let me tell you, it's one of the most fun hotels I've stay in a long time. From playing records all day long, to coming downstairs and hopping on the pinball machines, it's a great hotel for those looking for something with more character and atmosphere than a stuffy refined hotel. It would be also great for those of you who like to travel alone, as I can guarantee you'll make some friends in the bar area. 

I've found out that the conference runs every year, so I'm already planning to head back next year, and I'll definitely have Sir Adam on my list this time. 


  1. It looks like a fun and lively hotel! I love the decor details.

  2. Awesome spot! I too have a tough time getting my husband to travel and have to force myself into his work trips, lol. Super-cool hotel - love the vibe and your pics are fantastic.

  3. Amazing place and the photos are just great! You seem to be such a nice person. I've never been to Amsterdam and after reading you posts about it I really want to go there.
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    Thank you so much
    x Katarzyna