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A Christmas Gift Guide They’ll Actually Love

Tuesday 19 December 2017

It’s SNOWING! Ok technically it’s stopped, but there is still snow on the ground, and that counts.There is something about a white Christmas that really drives home the Christmas spirit. Everyone playing outside, the frost on the windows making it feel warmer inside, and that gorgeous orange glow outside from the streetlamps.

It also drives home the fact that time is ticking to buy those last-minute presents. Buying gifts can be such a stressful time though. There’s always that one person who is so difficult to buy for, or that great aunty who hates anything you get her. Gumtree (I love Gumtree, I practically furnished my entire flat from Gumtree) polled 2,000 British adults and found that festive shoppers are feeling both anxious and pressured to buy the ‘perfect presents’ for loved-ones this Christmas. Oh, I can confirm! My other half is the most difficult person in the world to buy for. It’s such an expensive time, that I really don’t want to waste money on items that will never get used or worse, thrown away. The research found that we spend an average of £147 on our partners and £75 on our mothers, so it’s no small change!

So, instead of buying items for the sake of it, let’s try and give things that have a more personal touch. Viren Swami, gifting expert and Professor of Social Psychology at Anglia Ruskin, has teamed up with Gumtree to come up with some gifting guidelines – and I’ve added some of my own too, to help give those real gifts.

Gifting Guidelines

·       Gifts which reflect the personality and interests of the giver (giver-centric gifts) tend to be more appreciated than recipient-centric gifts, where we often second guess what the recipient might like. If you are close to the person, this  works especially well, as it shows you’d like to share things that mean something to you, with someone close to you.
·       Some of the guess-work can be removed by just asking what the recipient might like. While gift-givers assume people will like requested and unrequested gifts equally, recipients in fact show a clear preference for gifts they have asked for directly. I know here in Britain this seems alien to us, but just ask, they’ll end up with something they would actually like, and you don't waste your money.
·       Giving money in place of a Christmas gift is a bad idea as it fails to convey intimacy between the giver and the recipient. Giving gift vouchers can be a good idea instead as it shows some thought has gone into the type of present  they might like.
·       Joke presents might seem like a funny idea at the time, but unless it’s a longstanding inside joke, the joke usually falls flat and after the 10 seconds of laughter, the present is wasted. Spend your money elsewhere.

Gift guide ideas they’ll actually love


1. Call of Duty http://bit.ly/2BwK7cN
2. VR headset http://bit.ly/2CDAMze
3. Crystal Head Shot Set http://bit.ly/2ByzCWw
4. HD1 Pink Floyd Headphones http://bit.ly/2CEjhi3
5. Personalised Wall Clock http://bit.ly/2CBC4uu
6. Gaming Chair http://bit.ly/2AYQ1lJ

Men are notoriously hard to buy for in my opinion. Whereas women are easier, I’m generalising a bit, but you can usually buy beauty, flowers or even chocolates and you’ll have something they’ll like, whereas men? It’s just not that easy. According to Gumtree’s research, 14% of Brits would like DVDs, computer games and books and 14% would like alcoholic drinks. So, here’s a few ideas to help you buy for that man in your life.


1. Aesop Hydrating Cream http://bit.ly/2ByXfOo
2. Ted Baker Bag http://bit.ly/2CCNjTt
3. Dior Nude Highlight http://bit.ly/2ByRbFN
4. Kurt Geiger Heels http://bit.ly/2Byk314
5. Gin Filled Bauble http://bit.ly/2CByeS8
6. Moet Cracker http://bit.ly/2CClNFD
7. Canon Rebel Camera http://bit.ly/2kKeTab

I know I said women are easier to buy for, but we can still be tricky creatures! 22% of us would love beauty products and a huge 27% of us have asked for clothing, footwear and accessories. I for one fall into this category. *cough* jewellery *cough*.


1. Home is where... print http://bit.ly/2BxTFnV
2. Silk Scarf http://bit.ly/2CDPnuA
3. Taste of Britain Hamper http://bit.ly/2Bwk3P5
4. Gold Bangle http://bit.ly/2ByoZCW
5. White Company Reed Diffuser http://bit.ly/2BAArOF
6. Ombre Mason Jars http://bit.ly/2CF3tMc

Personally, I find buying for my mum relatively easy, however I know many people struggle. Food such as chocolates, cooking sauces and chutneys rank highly at 16%, which I think are always a great choice. Although, make sure you pick their favourite chocolates and not just yours, even if you are secretly hoping you get to share…


2. Leather Wash Bag http://bit.ly/2ByrOE2
4. Nest smart home http://bit.ly/2BxMvQA
5. Philips Sonicare http://bit.ly/2CGpZEe
6. Garden Tools http://bit.ly/2BAm64o

Ah Fathers presents. I think this can be notoriously difficult, as, and again generalising, but they don't tend to want all the latest gadgets and gizmos. I’ve always found the larger household electricals are better, more practical items have always gone down well in my house.


1. Unicorn picture hangers http://bit.ly/2CEbCjQ
3. Personalised Bear Frame http://bit.ly/2BzyiCO
4. Percy Pig Hamper http://bit.ly/2CFpQBk
5. Unicorn Knitting Set http://bit.ly/2CE69cQ
6. Dragon Rucksack http://bit.ly/2BygSGw
7. Dinosaur Blanket http://bit.ly/2CDm8rJ

Don't forget the little ones! I actually love shopping for little ones. The tiniest of shoes, and cute clothes, and toys that even I’m jealous of. Err, hello, when is an adult version of a baby door bouncer being made?

But whatever you get this Christmas, don’t panic, I truly believe it is the thought that counts. Christmas should also be a time to enjoy yourself, and enjoy your time with friends and family, as that's something money can’t buy.

This post was sponsored by Gumtree. All words, ideas and images are my own. 

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  1. My dad is the worst to buy for! with the boyfriend you can be getting hints the whole year, do stuff together, pay for a weekend away...
    This year I've tried to do a non plastic Christmas Gift; as much as I can I won't be gifting anything material, but if it has to be something physical, it won't contain plastic; link below in case you want to have a look!