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Afternoon Tea at Four Seasons Ten Trinity Square

Tuesday 5 December 2017

It's finally December, and my festive mood is in full swing. December is for eating, drinking and being merry. It's the time of year when I love meeting up with friends and indulging in lots of sweet treats. So on Saturday I kicked things off in style with Angie from Silverspoon London, to try the afternoon tea at Four Seasons Ten Trinity Square.

You might recall my previous visit to Four Seasons Ten Trinity Square, for Mei Ume and seeing just how extravagant the place is. Well at Christmas it doesn't let me down either.

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I decided to put on my festive finery for the occasion. This skirt from Solace London is my new favourite. It just grabs attention and got me a few comments too. Plus if you are quick you can grab it in the half price sale!

The Four Seasons at Ten Trinity Square is a new addition to the Four Seasons brand this year, and is located just 1 minutes walk from Tower Hill tube station so more of an East London direction, although I wouldn't say East London vibe. No, instead inside is a nod to 1920s London, with a very dramatic Art Deco circular lounge. To say it makes a statement would be a understatement. 

They even have a live pianist who plays 1920s style music. 

But I was here for their afternoon tea, and more specifically their new Bright Young Things afternoon tea. So called because of the nickname given by the press to a group of young aristocrats and socialites in 1920s London who threw elaborate parties, drank shall we say a little too much, and were often making headlines for their antics.

The sandwich selection came out first looking very creative indeed. There was salmon rolls, cheese and egg, beef with peppercorn sauce and apple and cream cheese. My favourite was the salmon roll as it was quite unusual and gave a nice break away from the traditional white bread and filling. 

But it really was the cake selection that was the pièce de résistance. Utterly gorgeous, the cakes were layered on hexagonal boxes, and each one beautifully decorated. 

My favourites to note were the chocolate and salted Carmel mousse and the coconut and ginger dacquoise. Both were fantastic and certainly master pieces in creation. 

Although take a look in the corner, the scones came in their own jewellery box!

I feel like I've said it a dozen times before, but I really do admire the Four Seasons as a brand. Their service is always spot on, being attentive but also knowing when to let you get on. They also have impeccable manners and everything feels very refined.

Of course it might be called an afternoon tea, but really, what is it without champagne?

I can save you the trouble of guessing. Im a useless pianist.

The Bright Young Things afternoon team at Four Seasons Ten Trinity really is a treat. Delicious and surrounded by the most amazing setting. I'd recommend booking yourself in after some hard worked festive shopping. 


  1. It was such an amazing afternoon tea!

  2. What a special afternoon tea - it looks incredible!!


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