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Big Easy, Covent Garden Review

Thursday 11 January 2018

It's not often you find me wearing a bib these days. In fact it was a rather comical moment to be handed a bib on a date, but then it was probably better than having BBQ down my top...

I've been trying to write this post for a week now, but I've been struck down with what I can only presume is the Aussie Flu. I still feel like death, but I'm finally typing the last few sentences and hitting that publish button.

Just before Christmas I headed out into the cold for one last meal. I'd finished work earlier that day, and decided some celebrations were in order before heading back to my parents for the big day.

Over the Christmas holidays I figured I'd be eating a lot of "finer" foods. Canapés at parties, toasting champagne on the big day and so what I really wanted was some dirty, messy, damn good BBQ.

Big Easy has been around for a good number of years now, and it's well talked about. My friends love it, the internet loves it, and even my boss loves it. I had been once before for brunch which I wrote about, but I have to be honest, I didn't love it. Long story short, it took over 45 minutes for my food to arrive and when it did it was stone cold. I wanted to love it, as on paper BBQ is my dream. I'm the biggest ribs and chicken wings fan. However the one and only time I'd visited, it had left a sour taste in my mouth.

However recently I kept on hearing people rave about, and I wondered if maybe I'd just had a one of bad experience? So with a desire for all things meaty I headed back there.

I do really love the decor inside. Never having been to the Deep South, I can only presume they are going with the crab shack, smokehouse look, but whatever the intention, it's pretty cool. The exposed pipes, the wooden walls, the funky lighting.

The place for packed, and the atmosphere was great, definitely a good Friday night vibes kind of place. However, we were sat down a little side bit off the main restaurant room, and oh my gosh was it boiling. It was uncomfortably hot, to the point where I was sweating. I'm guessing its a mixture of all the people in an enclosed space with lots of meat smoking? But surely there could be AC or vents?

But lets move onto food for now. Everyday except Saturday is happy hour from 4-7pm which gave me a good hour of drinking. If the happy hour menu doesn't float your boat, they actually have a HUGE bar that is stocked with everything you could ever dream of. But it being just before Christmas, I was watching the pennies a little more. I have to say the Mojito I had was fantastic and hugely refreshing (a welcomed necessity with the oven like temperatures).

The menu is a mixture of BBQ and lobster shack, with items such as pulled pork, ribs and lobster rolls. It's southern American in style, and so it's more dry rub BBQ than your BBQ sauce messy fest you might be thinking of. 

We opted for Southern Fried Chicken Tenders with honey mustard sauce which were delicious. Lightly spiced, not overly done on the coating and just crisp enough to get. good bite, but without the chicken bing dry. 

Then we also had Hush Puppies, traditional Southern States Savoury Deep Fried Balls of Cornmeal Batter. Yup they are as filling and naughty as they sound. They are quite good, especially when dipped in sauce, but I could only eat a few, before they get a bit much. 

Whilst I was all about the rib life, he was about that classic burger and fat chips. I didn't try any but it looked pretty decent with bacon and cheese, and a good toasted brioche bun. 

But lets talk about mine shall we? I opted for the dry rubbed St Louis ribs which were actually fantastic. The meat was so soft and tender which would be the result of 6hour cooking time. Plus they were thick, as in so much meat on the bone. The BBQ glaze was tangy, fruity and a little bit smokey, which was just perfect. They also come with beans and slaw too. 

I'm the hugest Mac and Cheese fan and will order it every time I see it on a menu and luckily this didn't let me down. Oh trust me theres bad Mac and cheese out there.

Now I will warn you, it is a hell of a lot of food. I couldn't finish half of it which is saying something for me. It's very heavy and definitely falls into the category of comfort food. I love comfort food, and love messy, use your hands type of food, but there was no way I could finish it all. 

I think the food at Big Easy is great. The flavours are spot on, the meats are tender and juicy and it's a great fun type of dinner. However like I said it was incredibly hot where we were sat. Now I don't know if that was just our section as it was down a side bit and not in the main restaurant as such, and I didn't really hang around to feel the temperature difference. The food is great and worth going for, but when booking I'd make sure you ask for a table in the main restaurant. If they could filter some air into the restaurant, then it would be a cracking Friday place! 


  1. That mac and cheese looks AMAZING! Just looking at all these food is making me so hungry -
    it all looks so good (and I'm a vegetarian :'D) x

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

  2. This all sounds delicious - and that mac'n'cheese DOES look good. I'm craving dirty comfort food right now!


  3. It does look like great comfort food!