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Instagrammable restaurant at Aubaine Selfridges

Wednesday 28 March 2018

Right now, it feels like London is having a moment with flowers and instragrammable restaurants. Everyday there seems to be a new "instagram hotspot" and usually its somewhere that has a decadent but beautiful flower display. From the flower wall of Elan cafe, to the wisteria outside Saint Aymes, to the pink walls of Peggy Porchen, Londoners can not get enough of these places to photograph. Well if you aren't sick of them yet either, then here is another for your list; Aubaine in Selfridges.

Aubaine is a small UK chain of restaurants that whilst French in origin, are more everyday brasserie and make for great casual lunch places. I often go to the branch near my office with colleagues. Although non are decorated quite like this. 

Lining the walls are soft grey panels and huge mirrors. Marble tables fill the small, narrow space. But its whats on the ceiling that gets most people attention. Wisteria covers most of the ceiling, and trails down the corners of the room. Beautiful big bunches form and the reflect in the mirrors, causing a slight to behold. 

I decided on Sunday morning to head up to the second floor but the designer shoes, for some lunch lunch with Helen. The restaurant has a strictly no booking policy, but thank fully whilst it was busy, there were a good number of tables free.

Now in the name of honesty which I hope you have come to find in this blog, I must say the table situation bugged me a little. There was a number of 3 seater tables free but the waitress put us in the corner where the table next to us was very close by. I had a large suitcase with me and a big bunch of flowers which was struggling to fit in between the tables. I asked of we could move and she said no as it was only for 3 people. We made it to nearly the end of our meal and the two 3 seater tables remained empty, only for then a 2 party to arrive and be promptly seated at that table. Its minor but it irked me a little as I thought it was supposed to be first come first served. So also if you have seen it on Instagram and want a specific table for the astetics, you might not get it.

The menu has a wide selection of options. From lighter salads, the meats and heavier items like burgers. 

Helen was being very good and went for the super food salad with haloumi, whilst I went for duck breast with polenta which actually wasn't unhealthy... until I ordered a side of sweet potato fries as well. 

My duck was done really well and tasted delicious so I have to say it's not just style over substance here. 

Finally we decided to round of with some teas as we were too full to eat what looked like really good patisseries judging by the table next to us. Truly works of art.

It's a great little restaurant and truly beautiful making it a perfect lunch or brunch spot for you and your girlfriends. I also hear they are now doing afternoon tea which I think would be gorgeous going by the cakes I saw. 

Remember you can't book, but I went at lunch time on a Sunday and (for the most part) had no issues getting a table. 

So remember to take your camera, as it has to be one of the most instagrammable restaurants in London.


  1. Love this place and your photos are gorgeous!

  2. This place looks SO beautiful and your photos are gorgeous. I need to put this on my list ASAP! xx

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

  3. So pretty! Your duck dish sounds delicious too!