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Mandarin Oriental Miami Review

Thursday 22 March 2018

Miami is one of the most well known cities in America. Famed for its Cuban communities, its night life and of course its beaches. Its an incredibly popular holiday destination, which can often leave you wondering, which hotel should I stay at? Whilst I haven’t stayed in them all! I can tell you about the one I did in Downtown Miami and absolutely loved. Let’s explore the Mandarin Oriental, Miami.

Located in the heart of Downtown Miami in the financial district, it's luxury hotel that really pulls out the stops. As soon as you walk into the entrance hall, it's an impressive sight. Huge 3 story high lobby with a water feature, reeds and beautiful gold and jade fabrics- an ode to its heritage.

After a whole day exploring little Havana, I was eager to head up to the room The rooms are fantastic in size (A plus of America, is that everything is big in comparison!)

I stayed in the Deluxe Skyline Room. There was a huge double bed, an arm chair, and just out of shot was a big executive desk. The skyline of course is amazing, but I'll show you that later on. But it's the bathroom that will really sell it to you.

As well as again being an impressive size, oh and that tub really was huge, practically swimming pool-esque, it was the open wall into the bedroom that will catch you attention. It opened up the whole room, and gave it a rather romantic feeling. You can imagine, being with your partner, you relaxing in the bath, them having a lie down on the bed, yet you can idly chat to each other... I on the other hand was on my own, but hey, we can't have it all. 

Back out of the rooms and outside, if you were worried that being in Downtown would loose that Miami vibe, fear not, for the hotel is actually on the waterfront and does in fact have its own small private beach, complete with cabanas. 

My favourite thing though that I learned was that the hotel employees birds of prey and their handlers to walk around the complex to scare off pigeons so they don't poo on hotel guests! If thats not service then I don't know what is.  

Years ago I stayed in the Mandarin Oriental in Paris, and visited their newly opened at the time, spa. Mandarin Oriental hotels are famed for their spas, and it's an iconic part of the brand. Their spas are based around restorative treatments inspired by the elements, and the ancient traditions such as Chinese, Ayurvedic and Thai cultures.

There are 11 treatment rooms and 6 treatment suites, as well as steam room, sauna and beauty stations with every type of product a girl would need.

I went for a 60 minute full body massage with the pressure as firm. I'm one of those people who want to feel like their muscles are really being worked, rather than just a gentle rub. As much as the type of massage I love isn't always super relaxing, although highly effective at working my post gym tight muscles, the treatment rooms here are filled with the scented oil of your choice, the beds are heated and their is relaxing, but not cheesy. Afterwards I found myself in a post massage bliss, and feeling lighter and less tense.

But, didn't I tell you to wait for the views? Well take a look at this.

Every stage of light captured.

I'm a city girl, and whilst I do love a scenic countryside view, I always feel at home in a noisy, bustling city. Downtown Miami really is alive at all hours and it's fascinating to watch.

Whilst Miami has hundreds of amazing restaurants, you really must check out La Mar by Gastón Acurio. It is their signature restaurant, that also has an outdoor terrace with waterside views.

La Mar is a high end Peruvian restaurant, as Miami as strong influences from Peru. Never having eaten Peruvian food (although now have been to several in London) I can tell you it's a cuisine you really must try. There's a lot of fish and sea food, although plenty of meats too. Ceviche, sashimi and amazing fried parcels are all on offer. The flavour combinations really are extraordinary and not really flavours we fine in European cuisine. Thing tang, and citrus types.

Mandarin Oriental Miami really is a gorgeous hotel. The service is impeccable, and one thing to note is how good the customer service from the staff was. You know its good when I tweeted about it. Everyone asks how your day is, is there anything they can do for you, and when you call room service for a tooth brush, it appears within 5 minutes, unlike some UK hotels where you find yourself waiting for half an hour...

If you are thinking about heading to Miami, I'd highly recommend the Mandarin Oriental for your stay.


  1. Your photos are so beautiful! This looks like such a lovely hotel and I also love the fact that the bathtub is so open plan and right next to the bed - I haven't seen that done anywhere else before! xx

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

  2. Such a beautiful hotel, love the open plan room and that bath! The views are stunning too.