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Would you buy your clothes from Amazon?

Wednesday 11 April 2018

Amazon, the internet giant is probably an integral part of your life. Who can imagine life before it? I have Amazon Prime TV, I buy hard drives, toilet roll and random gifts from it. I use Kindle and now buy all my books in electronic format now. I have Alexa, although my use of it really leaves it at just a talking clock, but there is no denying Amazon is a big part of my life when you look at it.

But one thing most people probably don't buy is their clothing from there. And I mean fashionable clothing, not just the random list minute hiking socks you need because your boyfriend decided to do a weekend in the hills.

Bow Tie Blouse Here

I have to admit, my initial perception of Amazon and clothing was that its probably dodgy market stall-esque clothing. You know, the knock off Chinese quality types. However Amazon have launched their own in-house brand called Find, to eliminate this.

Amazon Find is set up like any other high street online store. It's a much nicer interface that your typical Amazon search which makes it a better experience browsing, and does take away some of the worries of cheap clothing.

The price point is a mix really. They aren't Primark bargain pricing, but aren't expensive either. I'd probably say maybe a New Look type price point?

The only odd thing is that the prices often are different with different sizes which is quite annoying. A size 8 can be £15 and a size 10 can be £26. I don’t really understand that and I do think if they want to really be competitive with your ASOS types then they need to remove that and have consistent pricing. 

High Neck Stripe Blouse Here

The quality varies, but so does the price point of these, so you can get an idea I'd say from that. I got a mesh skirt of £7 but to be honest it really does look, well, like a £7 mesh skirt... Yet the blouses I have are of good material, the shirt is nice and stiff and has a good, flattering shape to it. The leather shoes are really nice actually, although as they are real leather they were more expensive at £50 but you'd pay that and more at Topshop. Again, I’d say it’s in line with New Look for quality. 

Leather Court Shoes Here

Shop my looks above.

Credit: Rebecca Carpenter 

Ruffle Sleeve Top Here

So all in all, what are my thoughts? I do like Amazon find. There’s some great pieces to be find and some real gems, although there are also some not so great looking items too, but then you have that with all shops to be honest. 

I’m hoping as they expand that they add in more refining options, such as filter by style and length of dresses etc. As wading through every dress is a bit tidious. Amazon Find  is still in early stages though, but it’s definitely a new shop I’d recommend for some good items that good prices. 

Gifted items included

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  1. As much as I love Amazon I've never thought to buy my clothes from there. Amazon Find sounds like it's got potential though, going to have a look now x

    Peonies and lilies