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What To Expect At Polo In The Park

Friday 15 June 2018

I’ll get straight into it. Polo has not been on my radar previously. I didn’t attend a private school or ride horses growing up, so it seems quite alien to me. I guess I held the preconception that it was a upper class sport and events surrounding it were only attended by those who run in those sort of circles. I mean sure, lets be frank the Royal family play polo so it’s hardly the sport of those kicking it down the local recreation park. However the overall game and events surrounding it are open to everyone and is far more inclusive than I let myself believe. 

Which brings me onto Polo In The Park. Polo In The Park is bringing polo to a wider and newer audience. Whilst the event is still a classy affair, it is more accessible to everyone who wants to enjoy the refined game in a fun setting. 

Held at Hurlingham park in Fulham, Polo In The Park is a little like going to the races. The field is in the centre surrounded by the stands, pop up shops and food and drink areas. 

I was however going slightly more glam for this event. As a guest of La Martina, the world famous polo brand who are a main sponsor of Polo In The Park. Started in 1985, La Martina is a family company focusing on Polo technical equipment, clothing and accessories, both for on and off the field. La Martina is the market leader in the technical polo wears but they are also pushing for more clothing recognition off the field too with their beautiful stitched polo shirts and dresses. Also surprisingly they have some really gorgeous handbags too which I'd use everyday in the summer.

The sponsored tent has prime view of the field and even a small outdoor garden for watching it whilst seated (well heels and all day standing don't really go well together)

Like it's racecourse neighbours, the polo is an opportunity to really dress up. I actually did have a panic as the dress I was supposed to wear didn't arrive (and funnily enough one week on still hasn't arrived in the post) however if you are wondering what to wear, for the ladies, summery dresses seemed to be the winner as did jumpsuits too. Hats aren't required here and I would say its less formal than Ascot so don't panic about the hem length or thickness of your dress straps! 

I did use the opportunity to take this beauty out for a spin. Say hello to the Launer Travita! I want to take it everywhere with me! 

After a few drinks with everyone, including my first Pimm's of the year, it was time for some food. 

I can't remember the exact ingredients in this cheesecake (bad blogger) but let me tell you, this cheesecake was the best! I really wanted to eat the one that someone left but that wouldn't have been very refined at me... when at the polo eh.

After lunch I wandered over to the La Marina pop up shop to have a browse and meet some of the Oxford University polo players. Do you think I blend in?

Funnily enough this is the closest I've ever got to riding a horse. Probably should wear something different for the real thing. 

Shop My Look

I headed over to the pony pen to say hello to the horses before they went out onto the field. Aren't horses just majestic creatures?

Before the main event kicked off, there was a match of La Martina bicycle polo between Oxford and Cambridge which was quite hilarious! Lets just say its really hard to ride and hit without falling over.

And then the main event! London vs Cape Town. The game moves so fast, it really is incredible the coordination skills they all have.

Now you might be wondering, will I enjoy polo? Well I'm not a sport person really, I don't watch football, rugby or tennis yet I soon got into this and was cheering on London at the top of my voice. So much happens so much quicker than other sports that its really fun to watch.

We might think that we rule supreme when it comes to polo but by half time Cape Town were leading 6-0. 

However with a little magic support of their home crowd, London clawed back some points in the second half although sadly we still lost with a respectable 6-8.

The polo was so much fun. I had no idea what to expect when I headed to Fulham and yet it was such a great day out. Plus the weather was perfect for it! If you've been wondering whether the polo is for you, I'd highly recommend. It's not at all stuffy and is a great opportunity to dress up and have a great time with friends.

Now where can I go to ride my first horse? 


  1. I live just opposite this park, across the river, so it's an event I've always wanted to attend. Maybe next year!

    Life & Loves: A Foodie Blog

  2. It looks like such a fun day out and something different!