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St James's Hotel and Club: Happiness in the city

Tuesday 11 September 2018

As a Londoner, and someone who properly lives the typical London lifestyle; work in the city by day and explore London's food and drink scene in the evening, happiness in this great city is a factor many of us contemplate on a weekly basis.

It's often hotels debated whether the city or the countryside lifestyle makes us more happy. There is points on both sides, but that being said, no one can say living in a city, and London to be exact, can be full on and often exhausting.

Which is why the St James's hotel and Club have introduced their Happiness in the city package to try reset us often burnt out and questioning life types.

Just a stones through from Green Park, the St Jame's Hotel and Club is a beautiful, luxurious hotel. You might remember I stayed there for my 26th birthday last year.

The St James’s hotel first opened in 1859 as a club for diplomats until in the 1970s it became a hotel with many famous clientele over the decades due to its slightly hidden location. 

What I love about the hotel is the old school charm. I'm not a member of any members clubs, but this hotel gives me that sort of feeling. Like I'm part of some exclusive and elusive club. 

Whilst the hotel retains traditional values, it has very modern touches that make sure it's still luxurious today. And part of it's modern vibe, there are certain packages like Happiness in the city. Happiness in the city is in partnership with The School of Life and aims to bring a little clarity back into guests lives. 

The package includes:
  • Luxurious stay for one night 
  • Sleep-inducing turn down service 
  • Our Wellness Breakfast for two people 
  • 90 minute in-room Connock body treatment for one person 
  • School of Life taster pack 
  • 20% discount for a class at The School of Life on a selected dates

The taster pack includes a set of three question cards that ask thought provoking questions around areas such as work and relationships. They make for interesting discussions with your partner or even yourself about what you really want in life.

As you can see from my photos, the rooms really are luxurious. I was staying in the stunning Westminster Suite and it was huge! The design is gorgeous with touches of gold and pastel velvet fabrics. I joked on my Instagram stories that it was bigger than most London flats, and that's probably true. 

But the pièce de résistance was the balcony. Wow the balcony was stunning! Can you imagine late night cocktails up here or early morning breakfasts, with views over the St James rooftops? 

Now in my video of my birthday last year, I mentioned that what I felt let the hotel down was the lack of coffee/ tea facilities. I'd rung up and they said they didn't have any, not even a kettle, which I thought for a 5 star hotel was disappointing. So you can't believe how happy I was to see they now had a coffee machine! It might sound trivial, but its the little touches that make a hotel experience and I'm very pleased they now have them. 

That evening, I put on my best frock and shoes but didn't have to head out far, as just downstairs they have a Michelin starred restaurant, Seven Park Place. The whole experience is amazing and deserves it's own blog post, so I'm going to save that for another day. But you must check back as it really is a fantastic restaurant in its own right.

On the subject of food, let's talk breakfast. As part of the happiness in the city package, the hotels new Vegan menu is included. Now as many of you will know, I'm no Vegan, and in fact, I often wonder what Vegans eat? I could go vegetarian but live without cheese? It doesn't seem worth it! 

However I was pleasantly surprised. 

The breakfast consisted of a chickpea shakshuka, a vegan "omelette" with avocado, a bowl of turmeric and quinoa porridge and fresh carrot, orange and ginger juice. The quinoa porridge was actually really good, and I'd happily have it again. It was sweet, and with the berries and nuts had a really nice texture. The shakshuka was really good too and felt really healthy as it was fully loaded with veggies and spices. Personally I actually don't like avocado so the omelette wasn't really my cup of tea, however the breakfast is really substantial for 1 person so I certainly wasn't missing out!

Annoyingly it had to lash it down with rain that day so I couldn't eat breakfast outside, but I don't think I missed out too much did I?

Overall the Happiness in the city package really is delightful. Once again the hotel is fantastic. The service will always be top quality for me, and it truly feels like a home away from home. 

Whether you want a break from the mad rush of life, or want to treat yourself for a special occasion, I highly recommend The St James's Hotel and Club to you.


  1. I love the idea of a happiness in the city package - what a wonderful idea! Life in London can definitely get a bit too much sometimes. I love the School of Life too and would love to get my hands on those discussion cards! xx

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

  2. You room is fantastic and that balcony! Look forward to reading about the restaurant!

  3. "As a Londoner, and someone who properly lives the typical London lifestyle; work in the city by day and explore London's food and drink scene in the evening"
    As a Londoner, someone who was born here and always lived here, I find this such an offensive and obnoxious comment. We don't have to work in the City and go out at night to be a typical London. How pompous can you be?!

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