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Hotel Eden Rome Review

Friday 23 November 2018

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Thats how the saying goes, and I planned to experience the best of what the Romans have to offer.

Myself and Angie have been friends for years, but we'd never been away together. We talked for months about doing a trip but due to just life we never got round to it. Until during the summer Angie suggested Rome in November. I'd never been to Italy let alone Rome, so I leapt at the chance. 

And so last week we finally made that trip.

The Dorchester hotel is a London institution, but did you know its actually part of a collection of hotels around the world? This isn't some large chain, don't worry. There is only a select few in carefully selected locations, and Rome is one of them. 

Hotel Eden is the Rome hotel which originally opened in 1889 by the Munich-born hotelier, Francesco Niestelweck. In 2013 it was purchased by The Dorchester Collection and after a 17 month renovation, it reopened in 2017 to a luxurious reception. 

The redesign was done by designers Bruno Moinard and Claire Bétaille who previously redid the Hôtel Plaza Athénée. They also designed Karl Lagerfeld’s apartment too. The design is luxurious, grand but also has a homeliness about it still.

We were staying in one of the Prestige rooms with a view. The design of the rooms intended to be home luxuries with comforting colours and fabrics, rather than ostentatious design.

Its the kind of room where theres enough space for two people to happily roam around, get ready and relax without being on top of each other which is important for me as I like to spend some time in the hotel and so don't want to feel trapped in.

Naturally for a Dorchester Collection hotel, it's the attention to detail that is impeccable. Fresh fruit every day, a chilled bottle of Prosecco on arrival and even a fruit cake with one of Angie's instagram photos printed in fondant!

I'm a huge fan of hotel bathrooms, and I actually take photos not only for this blog but for my future house inspiration. This one certainly gets 5 stars in my inspiration collection!

Now, whilst I said the rooms had that homely feel too them, well if you want something slightly more regal, then you won't be disappointed by the reception rooms. There is a reading room / events space that looks like its straight from the movies. It was one of the most elegant rooms I've ever seen.

All of the public spaces were absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. If I'd had time, it would be one the most relaxing things to spend time just reading with a glass of prosecco and a slice of cake on one of the chairs.

Speaking of cake, let's talk about food!

The breakfast at Hotel Eden is quite something. Served at Il Giardino, the rooftop restaurant, theres a la carte or a very comprehensive buffet.

Once again, the service is impeccable.

Or of course, you could have it in your room. Now that feels very luxurious.

Back up to the roof though, and this is where their two restaurants are. As previously mentioned,  Il Giardino is their casual dining and bar, and next door is La Terraza, a One Michelin Starred Restaurant with views all across the city.

We ate and drank at Il Giardino on our first night.

The bar does some fantastic cocktails and had a live musician playing in the evenings. Oh and when you order a drink, they bring our amazing bar snacks for you.

The menu at Il Giardino is varied, and more casual than say, next door. Think typical Italian comfort dishes like pizza, pasta and lots of charcuterie and cheeses.

We did try the classic roman dish of Jewish artichokes. Whilst the dish from the hotel was beautifully done, the dish in generaly wasnt my favourite, but if you want something classicly Roman then you should try it. 

We also went for Italian dishes such as cold cuts, cheeses and a four cheese pasta which was incredible.

Finally we chose a medley of fresh locally sourced fish which again was delicious. 

A word of warning. They tell you the portions are small, but they really aren't! The Italian's love their food, but I think my British stomach couldn't keep up. I wanted to keep eating but I was ready to burst. 

Hotel Eden is a very special hotel, the rooms, the staff, the service, you really will feel so welcome and very special there without feeling like you are walking on egg shells.  It's luxury but relaxed luxury. 

Via Ludovisi 49,
00187 Rome


  1. Best hotel stay ever!!! I absolutely love your write up!

  2. Gosh now you're making me desperately want to book a trip to Rome and stay in this hotel. ASAP!
    A Story of a Girl

  3. What a stunning hotel! The food looks so good too!