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The Best Instagram Spots In Budapest

Thursday 31 January 2019

After a good reaction to my previous Instagram city guide (To Rome) I thought I'd continue the series with a new city that I recently visited; Budapest.

I visited Budapest right at the beginning of December which is a great time to go, albeit a cold time! There's plenty of Christmas activities on, including the famous markets, but Budapest is great any time of the year as there's a rich history and culture to explore. 

Of course though, in the age of social media, we all want to know where the best Instagram spots are, so here are my top 6 most instagrammable locations in Budapest, all vetted and taken by me, and like last time, I'll tell you exactly where the shot was taken and at what time of day. 

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Ok let's dive in...

Check coat from Quiz // Trousers from Zara // Beret from Quiz

The Budapest Sign

This sign is located outside the Sofitel Budapest hotel along the river on the Pest side of the city. As you can see from the photo its in prime location by Chain Bridge and offers a great spot to see the city all lit up.

It's not a busy spot by any means. A few people came whilst I was there looking for photos, but only from a passing by, quick snap on the phone type, so feel free to take your time.

Of course the best time to go is at night as then you get all the lights in the background. 

Dress from ASOS // Jumper from Quiz

Fisherman's Bastion

Arguably the most famous attraction in the whole of Budapest, Fishermans Bastion is a fairytale castle of turrets and sweeping staircases. It's incredibly beautiful and extremely photogenic. Theres so many nooks and crannies to explore and of course take photos of. 

Needless to say it gets absolutely rammed. By 9am coaches of tourists are arriving, so honestly, get there for sunrise if you want people-free photos. I arrived at 7:15am and there was already people, but   plenty of space for all us hardcore photographers. But by 8:30 it was too busy for those people free photos. 

Szechenyi Bath

Szechenyi bath is a public outdoor thermal bath surrounded by the most elegant building design, making it a fantastic place to relax and chill out. Well, I say that, only if you get there early enough. The baths are a tourist trap and from lunch time onwards they are absolutely filled to the brim with people and the vibe is less relaxing and more party like. However if you get there before 9am, its mainly locals that attend.

In the winter as it's so cold outside, and because the water in the baths is around 38c, these amazing steam plumes appear. During the summer you won't find these, so if you are after this affect for your photo, it's winter time for you.

Fountain of King Matthias

The Fountain of King Matthias is often called the Trevi Fountain of Budapest and depicts a hunting party led by Kind Matthias. Constructed in 1901, it survived the second world war with minor damage and the minimal damage it did receive was reconstructed in 2010.

As it's the Trevi Fountain of Budapest, it makes an ideal photo op. But thankfully it's no where near as popular. When I arrived there was no one taking photos of it, and I was probably there around 2:30pm on a weekend. 

New York Cafe

Often called 'The Most Beautiful Cafe In The World', I have to say it really is stunning and lives up to its reputation. Once a meeting spot for distinguished writers and poets to discuss ideas over coffee, it's now a very touristy cafe. 

The food is fine, but nothing special, and it is pricey for what it is, but you don't come here for the food alone, it's all about the experience and the view.

If you want to come in, you really do need a reservation as the non reserved queue was out the door. It's super simple to get a table reservation though- just book online, and I even did it the day before and got a lunch time spot. 


The Budapest parliament building is quite an architectural feat and definitely worth a walk around. It's funny, as you can get right up to the building without any problem, something you just couldn't imagine here in London. 

For an early December weekend it wasn't that busy really and so made for a nice stroll around and un- problematic photo ops. 

So there you have it, my top Instagrammable locations in Budapest. Are there any others you've spotted in Budapest?

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  1. Great photos! Budapest is such a cool city, I would also recommend The Ruin Bars for a night out! Steph x

  2. Budapest looks beautiful! I have a friend from there, I should definitely visit at some point. The New York Cafe looks stunning!
    Emily from http://emilyunderworld.co.uk x

  3. Your photography is always so so beautiful! I've always wanted to visit Budapest and it looks so photogenic!

    The Crown Wings | UK Travel & Lifestyle Blog