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Luxury Desert Camping In Morocco At La Pause Camp

Tuesday 23 April 2019

I love to travel, to explore and to discover knew places. I try to away a fair few times in a year, but it can be difficult not only to get the time off work, but also to find people to go with. See, even though I'm in a long term relationship, my other half just doesn't have the travel bug I do. I love him dearly but I wish he wasn't such a workaholic sometimes. 

I'd read about group tours before but to be honest was always a bit worried about joining a trip with a bunch of complete strangers. What if I didn't get on with anyone, what if everyone came with a partner and I was a spare wheel? Well luck would have it when last year my lovely friends Claire and Laura from the amazing travel blog, Twins That Travel launched their own tours with Intrepid. It was the perfect middle ground. A tour group but with at least 2 people I knew going! Plus knowing they were bloggers too meant I know they'd been keen for a good photo session too! 

Their first tour was to Morocco and I couldn't have been more excited for it. The Medina, the desert, all the colours, sounds and smells. It was going to be glorious. 

Having spent a couple of days in the Marrakesh which was amazing, but sadly I lost all the photos from Marrakesh as my SD are decided to corrupt as we were leaving we moved on and headed to the desert to spend 2 days in a luxury desert camp. Because I don't have any photos from Marrakesh I thought I'd leave that blog post as its so hard to tell a story without photos. Maybe one day I'll return. 

But for now, let me take you to a very special place indeed.

Just 30km from Marrakesh is La Pause, a luxury desert camp in the middle of the Agafay desert. I'd heard about desert camps, and dreamt about staying in one, and let me tell you, they don't disappoint. It's like another world away from the quite chaotic scenes of inner Marrakesh. Just miles upon miles of rocky desert hills that honestly leave you feeling just amazed at the world. 

La Pause camp itself is rather amazing. The accommodation are these big tents with either double beds or twin beds with a private ensuite to each one. Definitely nothing like camping in the UK! Yes, a proper bed- no sleeping bag required. Plus as you can see, they really have the best views. 

Again, different to you traditional camping is that La Pause has many communal areas too. Theres the main building at the top of a hill which serves as a welcome area and you can have breakfast up there too. Then there's a dining area (all outside under canopies) and lots of breakout and relaxation tents for either reading, a bite to eat or even a little mid day snooze. 

La Pause also has a gorgeous clear pool area which is formed from a naturally occurring oasis. 

You might also run into a friendly neighbour or two.

However it isn't just the facilities that you have to occupy yourself, you can go on a little excursion too. Some might opt for quad biking, but personally I think we all fancied a little slower pace of life with a sunset camel ride.

I'd briefly rode a camel before in Qatar but it was very much a quick up and down a brief path. This was something different, an hours trek through the desert.

Camels really are amazing creatures, and for anyone who has slight reservations about the wellbeing of these camels, here they are looked after with the upmost respect.

I don't know if you've ever ridden a camel before but getting on one is quite the experience in itself! You have to hold on very tightly before they sort of jolt up, first via their back legs so you are flung forward, and then they lift up from the front, flinging you back again. But once you are on and up, it's actually rather comfortable.

It really is quite hard to sum up the views that I saw whilst on my camel trek, but it really does give you this mesmerising feeling that the world is truly an amazing place that we just don't even know the half of.

Did you know traditionally mint tea should be poured from a height of 12 inch, causing foam to be formed on top of the tea. If there is no foam, the tea is not ready to be served. And whilst not traditional, I'd say tea at sunset is the best time to drink it!

After dark, the whole camp really comes alive with fire pits and lanterns. It's just the most beautiful and truly relaxing moment. 

Of course that's until it gets fully dark and well, I'd never seen a starry sky quite like it! No photoshop here!

La Pause really blew every expectation I had out of the water. I'd go back in a heartbeat. In fact I'd love to go for a a few days next time and just spend some time laying by the pool or doing one of their private yoga classes. 

Also Claire and Laura's tour really was just amazing and I loved every moment of it. So much so I have booked onto their next one to Istanbul in September! I believe there is still places so check it out and maybe I'll see you there!

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