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Bless Hotel Ibiza Review: For a more relaxing, sophisticated Ibiza holiday

Monday 29 July 2019

I'd never really thought about taking a trip to Ibiza before. I always saw Ibiza as a party island and to be very frank, somewhere that people went to get trollied. However, I recently learned that there are different parts of the island for a different style of holidays. Sure there's the party side, but there's also the calm, relaxing and dare I say slightly more sophisticated side. 

For my first time visiting Ibiza, I stayed at the brand new Bless hotel in Cala Nova, an exclusive area of the island. Part of the Leading Hotels of the World group, it is a newly opened luxury hotel.

At a glance, it has 151 rooms, two infinity pools, a range of restaurants, two bars including one rooftop bar and a spa and gym.


As previously mentioned, the hotel is located in Cala Nova, which is about a 30-minute drive from the airport although we did get stuck in traffic on the way back to the airport so I'd say allow 40 minutes. 

The hotel is right on the beachfront, meaning you can have sand between your toes in less than 5 minutes. A quick word of warning though about the beach. While a very lovely and what seemed safe beach, it appeared to be a nudist-friendly beach. Not an all-out nudist beach but there was a good number of people going about their business naked, so if that offends you, it might be worth staying off the beach.

That aside, the sunsets were some of the most beautiful I had seen in a long time, especially as the infinity pool overlooks the sea, it makes for a great place to watch the sun go down.

Image credit: Bless Hotel Ibiza


Ok becuase I'm a bit of an idiot, I actually forgot to take a photo of my room whilst staying at the hotel! So the image above is from Bless Hotel themselves. However my room did look like this one and I was really impressed by the rooms. 

There are 151 rooms ranging from standard, suites, right up to the presidential suite. 

I stayed in a Studio Suite and it was gorgous. The black and white stripe theme that is evident outside is also at large in the rooms. Everything is very monochromatic but done in a really classy way. 

The bathroom however was very special as I had a huge round tub that was by the window overlooking a (sort of) sea view. One morning when I just wanted a bit of downtime I filled the bath high with bubbles and just sat there getting wrinkly for what seemed forever. Now that's bliss. 

The rooms had lots of little features too which I found really handy. The standard hairdryer and cotton pads yes, but the rooms also have clothes steamers too! I'd never seen that before and suddenly I found myself with a real need for one. And yes there are plenty of plugs and USB chargers too. 

Oh and one more thing. A slightly quirky feature is that the hotel room keys are wrist bands. Leather bands with some kind of RFID chip in them I'm guessing that you can on the door. It's also used to pay for your drinks at the bar too. At first I found it a little odd but then when you can just put on this actually quite cute bracelet and head to the pool without worry, it makes sense.

Pools and outside areas

I know it's one of the most important aspects of a hotel, so I've dedicated a whole section to the pools and outdoor areas of the hotel. 

If you want to spend most of your time lazing by the pool, then you will not be disappointed. Bless hotel has not one,  but two pools, and by pools I mean infinity pools! 

The first one overlooks the beach and has plenty of outdoor seating, including sun loungers and day beds. There are clean towels by the pool, a small bar, table service and a DJ.

I went about a week after the hotel opened so I can not comment on what it might be like 6 month down the line when it's more popular, however when I went the pool area had plenty of people but never felt swarming and over crowded. 

See what I mean about getting the best view of sunrise or sunset from the pool!

Also entertainment comes on a couple of times a day. In the three days I was there I saw these amazing dancers on podiums and also dancers around the pool area.

I liked this as it still had that Ibiza vibe but not the crazy stuff you see on Facebook.

The second pool area is the rooftop area. Up there is another infinity pool with one of the best views possible all across the water and bay, day beds and a big bar. 

At night this area also turns into a lively bar area which was really fun. We had a party up there and with all the lights turned on it's such an amazing setting. 

Like I said, at night they have a DJ and dancers up on the roof to get the party started. Some of the dancers even got into the pool for a number! 

Restaurants and bars

The hotel seems to have a never ending supply of restaurants and bars ranging from outside by the pool if you want a casual lunch, on the mezzanine for a buffet, to indoors for a more formal dinner.

One thing to note is that the menus at Bless Ibiza heavily consist of fish so just a word of warning in case you don't like or don't eat fish, other choices might be on the slim side.

The food at the hotel airs on the side of fancy. Beautifully presented with unique flavours together. Most of the time, delicious, but somethings I did find that it might haver been trying a little hard with some dishes.

Breakfast for example is both a buffet table, which has a fantastic selection, and also a la carte. During the two breakfasts I had at the hotel I was disappointed with my a la carte choice. I had a  cheese and ham omelette which again was trying to be overly fancy and I didn't think it was that nice, but it was my scrambled eggs and salmon that I really didn't like. Presentation wise was A+ but when it comes to breakfast I'm more of a simple kind of gal.

Lunch was great both indoors and out on the patio.

Personally I'd stick to the buffet for breakfast.

There are also some fantastic bars in the hotel too. The staff were really knowledgable and so it's a great place to relax with a strong drink.

Overall I absolutely loved the Bless Hotel Ibiza. The design of the hotel is absolutely stunning, the staff are friendly and helpful but it was the outside areas that sealed the deal for me. They are the perfect mix of relaxing but also fun.

I would recommend this hotel in a heartbeat for anyone who is looking for a more relaxing, sophisticated Ibiza holiday. And I know for a fact I will be coming back next year. 

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