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Coca-Cola Signature Mixers Launch In Ibiza

Monday 15 July 2019

You’re in a bar, you don’t drink beer, wine feels a little out of place here, what do you drink? Most likely it’s something and coke, right? 

I’ve spend many nights drinking rum and coke, or whiskey and coke. I mean my university drink of choice was basically Jack Daniels and coke. Luckily I’ve grown up since those days, but interestingly so has Cola-Cola. Although already the mixer of choice, they have decided to actively pursue that market and have just launch a specific mixer for dark spirits called Signature Mixers. But why am I telling you this? Well because last week I flew to Ibiza with Coca-Cola for those mixers very launch...

Strolling into Ibiza like I'm a failed Love Island contestant.

To really launch this new product with a bang, Coca-Cola hired out the incredible and brand new Bless Hotel Ibiza. I'd never been to Ibiza before, so in my head had created this warped view of what Ibiza was like. I'd seen one too many friends pictures on Facebook from nights out or should I say days out, in Ibiza. However the Bless hotel couldn't have been further from this. 2 infinity pools, a spa, a gorgeous restaurant and of course an epic rooftop bar for drinking dark spirits and Cola-Cola under the Spanish sun. I've got a post going up tomorrow all about the Bless hotel so stay tuned.

The era of gin is over; the next couple of years its all about dark spirits

But the reason why I was here was to learn and try these 4 beauties. You see over the last few years we've all gone a bit gin mad haven't we? Gin promotions, wacky flavours, and even dedicated gin bars. I myself have been very much into this era of gin. However analysts have now seen that era is on the out, and the next few years will all be about dark spirits. So your rums, your whiskeys and even your ages tequilas. 

So with that in mind, Cola-Cola have created a range of mixers that are made to be paired with these dark spirits. Subtly favoured, they complement the spirits to make them a more... mature rum and coke/ whiskey and coke, can I say? 

A brief history of Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola was first created in 1886 when Atlanta pharmacist, Dr. John S. Pemberton developed a very unique syrup that when mixed with carbonated water was sold in shops at soda fountains. 

At first Coca-Cola was sold at fountains with cups but a Mississippi shop owner called Joseph A. Biedenharn was the first to bottle it after his sales went through the roof with it. The very first bottle was called a Hutchinson and was not like the distinct countered bottle we recognise today. That didn't come until 1916.

However this Hutchinson bottle is what the new Signature Mixers range bottles are based on.

What do the four Signature Mixers taste like?

Lunch time rolled by and it was time to finally taste them. 

There are 4 different flavours; Smoky, Woody, Spicy and Herbal. Each one can be paired with whatever dark spirit takes your fancy although of course like any mixology, there's an art to it, and some are better suited than others. 

So what do they taste like?

Coca-Cola Signature Mixers Smoky Notes, by Max Venning

An intensely aromatic blend with smoky hints, this mix brings nuanced dimension to deep, spiced rums and bold, premium whiskies. Ylang, ambrette seed and dried fruit, which inhabit the top layer, are balanced with an elegant base of warm brown spices; Peru Balsam and amber.

Coca-Cola Signature Mixers Spicy Notes, by Adriana Chía and Pippa Guy

With a warm introduction that gives way to a fiery finish, this Signature Mixer is a sophisticated and complex blend. Citrusy lime, ginger, spicy jalapeño, fragrant rosemary and aromatic jasmine combine to create a mixer with a considered balance of zest and earthy flavours that pairs beautifully with spiced rums, aged / gold tequilas and spicy or sweet whiskies.

Coca-Cola Signature Mixers Herbal Notes, by Antonio Naranjo

A delightfully floral, crisp and tart mix, this Signature Mixer was developed to deliver fresh and herbaceous notes for the discerning palate. Balancing refreshing notes of lemongrass with the earthy tones of dill seed and tagetes, it is an inviting mixer with a refreshing, simple profile that pairs beautifully with amber whiskies and most types of rum.

Coca-Cola Signature Mixers Woody Notes by Alex Lawrence

Crafted from a subtle blend of earthy patchouli, citrusy yuzu and aromatic basil, this Signature Mixers has a tart, light and refreshing profile, with a hint of warmth. These elements, expertly blended, combine to elegantly enhance the mellow wood and sweet tropical flavours of golden rums and smoky to woody whiskies.

Personally my favourite was the Spicy one was my absolute favourite. I had it with aged tequila which I agree, does not sound like a light drink to be having at lunch, but trust me on this one, it was absolutely delicious.

It has a really nice subtle spicy taste but nothing like burning! Its also quite zesty from the limes, and just feels like a nice warming sort of drink. I will 100% be ordering this again when I next go out in London.

Just for some more personal thoughts, my next favourite was the Smokey, and then the Herbal followed by Woody. I feel like Woody is definitely for those that like a really nice aged Whiskey when it has that strong barrel flavour. Personally not really my sort of thing, but definitely shows there's something for everyone.

The rest of the afternoon I spent doing various masterclasses including a rum masterclass, which turns out I am clearly not a fan of neat rum! I think my coughing made that very clear to the rest of the group. Whilst I love a good aged rum, I'll always be a mixer sort of girl!

Forever young at heart...

Enter the dark party

As darkness fell it was time for the big launch party. The party was a monochrome themed bash that started by the pool and then went up to the roof for incredible views at sunset.

I may have slightly bent the tools and went for silver rather than black or white but I only slightly twisted it right? Also I got this amazing dress in the sale if you are interested in it too.

I believe there was about 300 people from all over Europe in attendance. From Spain, Belgium, Ireland and of course England.

Now the rooftop area of the Bless Hotel is pretty spectacular. The bar up there will be a permanent Signature Mixer bar and with cabanas and an infinity pool, it really does make for the most amazing party atmosphere.

Like I said, I've really come to love the spicy mix and tequila, so you bet thats what I was drinking that night.

As dark fell, the music grew louder and the drinks flowed. It was one of the most fun nights I've had in ages!

I learnt so much about the history of Coca-Cola and it was really interesting to hear all about the upcoming spirit trends. Now back in London, I'll be looking out for the Signature Mixers in bars as they are rolling out right now. But they are available in Waitrose right now if you fancy some at home.

I was invited to Ibiza as a guest of Coca-Cola on a complimentary basis. All views and photos are my own.

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