Heroine In Heels is a top 10 London lifestyle blog aimed at the modern day woman. Covering things to do in London, restaurant reviews, hotels as well as where to go in the world when you want to escape London



I’m Laura, a 27 year old Londoner. I blog about my adventures in London, my life and my travels- essentially it's a look into the life of a 20 something. What started out as a university past time, has turned into pretty much a second job. I enjoy every minute of it and I hope you do to. Happy reading.

Where are you from?
Born and raised in Warrington, a small town not too far from Manchester. I moved to London on the 1st Sept 2013 to start my job, and now I consider this my home.

Is blogging your job?
Yes and no. It isn't my full time job but it is a business too. By day I work as a Cloud Computer Engineer.

Why did you set up the blog?
The idea was given to me by my now boyfriend, then friend, Dan back in 2012 during the summer holidays of University. I said I was bored and he suggested I start a blog. Blogging wasn't what it is today. He just meant a blog to write things down that I found interesting or maybe my opinions on certain media topics.

So to be honest, I had no real goal. I went back to university and again got a bit bored. I didn't know of this world of blogging, and anything about PR's and working with brands. Dan's idea came back to me and I decided to write some things down. I just really enjoyed writing and taking photos.

I then started to write more about places I went, things I liked and it picked up readers. However it kind of exploded when I moved to London. That's when it became like it is today.

Do you make money from your blog?
Yes. I also receive invites to events, complimentary meals, hotel stays etc and I get sent products. My blog is now a small business, and brands wish to work with me, however this never alters my opinion. I've had to email company's and say that I couldn't write a review as I didn't like the products etc. I sometimes get paid for my writing, but again, everything is wrote by my fair hand and mind and never comes from a press release. I carefully select who I want to work with and would never write about something I didn't genuinely like. I feel very lucky to be be in the position I am, but without your trust it would never work, so I promise to for ever remain honest. 

What camera do you use?
I used the Canon 6D with either a 35mm f/2 lens or an 85mm f/1.2 lens. Posts dated before February 2015 are with either a 50mm 1.8 or 18-55mm kit lens and a Canon 1100D It was my first SLR and didn't cost the earth. I'm a firm believer that you don't need to spend masses amounts of money to get decent pictures. Just know your skills behind the lens.

Is your hair naturally ginger?
Yes, yes it is. I used to dye it every shade ever going just to get rid of being a ginger, but the last few years I've finally embraced my natural colouring. 

Can I work with you?
Of course! Please contact me on laura@heroineinheels.com 


  1. Hello from another London (DIY) blogger :) Love the ginger hair :)

  2. I'm glad you've gone back to being ginger. I was a similar way when I was younger, I used to get bullied for looking different and would put streaks through my hair. Never dyed the whole thing though. Now I LOVE it http://vikibell.com/why-i-love-being-ginger/

  3. Nice Story, Love it !! Thanks for share !!

  4. Hey - love your blog!! I'm starting my own now and you've been a huge inspiration :) how have you found blogging, did you find it hard to get it off the ground? I"m struggling with html at the moment - it's a whole new language :) Hannah xx

  5. Hi I just moved to Hyderabad from Delhi and will definitely visit the places you mentioned.