Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Pennyhill Park, a Luxury Spa and Dinning Country Retreat

It feels like I haven’t sat down and wrote for a long long time. In reality it’s only been a week or so, but I’m writing this whilst flying somewhere Ukraine as I come back from a couple of weeks in Asia. I love traveling, but I’m going to love slowing down for a little while and getting back to writing. I’ll be posting my Asian adventures very soon, but in the mean time I want to tell you about a special place a little closer to home. Pennyhill Park

Pennyhill Park seems to be the “It” place to go right now for an escape out of London. Favoured amongst those looking for a countryside destination to zone out from the rush of everyday life, and try and bring some calm back into their lives. Pennyhill Park is a hotel but it’s known for it’s spa. Rated one of the best spa retreats in the country, I can tell you after visiting, it’s certainly gained that accolade for a reason.

Located in Ascot, an hour out of London, Pennyhill Park is a country estate that upon driving up the long driveway through the trees, commands that you look. From the main manor house, to the sprawling out houses and now the multi million pound spa building, its an impressive sight. And thats just the outside. Inside it’s well frankly stunning. 

I was checking in for an afternoon of spa-ing, and evening of dining and a country sleepover with some blogging friends.

I was staying in room Laurel, with each room a slightly different design. I loved being in the roof, with the slanted walls and the exposed beams. It felt like a little hideaway from the world.

But instead of hiding away, it was time to head to the spa. They have both an indoor and outdoor pool, which you’ll be glad to know is heated, so even in England with our weather, it can be used. As well as the pools they have all the regular spa facilities, including steam room, sauna and relaxation room. But you really do need to book yourself into a treatment if you come here, as that’s where the magic happens. The list is extensive, so if you can’t quite decide they have a questionnaire which you can fill out, with questions such as daily routine, stress levels, sleep patters and even things such as favourite colours, to help find a treatment right for you. I favoured this option and it was decided that a green tea scrub would be beneficial for me. To be honest, I think that was a very good pick as I commute for 4 hours everyday to go to work, as well as trying to balance both blogging and my full time career, which often leaves my skin feeling, well, a little clogged and run down.

The scrub was intensive which was great. I really felt like all the dead skin was being lifted from my body, and my pores were being unclogged. It’s almost like a massage too as my therapist really worked the grains into my skin. After 30 minutes, I showered and then my therapist returned and massaged oil into my skin to replenish the moisture into the new healthy layer of skin. This actually really was like a massage, so it’s almost like two for the price of one with this treatment. I do love a good bargain. I’ve actually had another scrub since coming to Pennyhill Park at a different spa, and so I can compare the two. Pennyhill Park’s genuinely was a lot better. I think if you are going to have a scrub, it needs to be powerful, it needs to be strong. There’s no point in having a light touch scrub, I want to feel like my skin in being renewed. Plus the second place didn’t use oil afterwards which I took for granted at Pennyhill Park. So yes, whilst it’s certainly not cheap, you do get your moneys worth, and that’s why people come back again and again. 

After spending the rest of the afternoon taking a dip in the pool, it was soon time for dinner. As did I tell you they have a multi award winning restaurant? Yes, they are also famed for their gastronomical prowess. The Latymer restaurant has Matt Worsick at the helm who previously was the exec chef at the 2 Michelin Stared Le Champignon Sauvage.

As a group we decided to go for the 8 course tasting menu complete with wine pairing as if you are going to go out, you might as well go all out. 

We started with canapés which actually didn’t even count as part of the 8 courses. It was going to be a long one I can tell you.

We started with Galician octopus with with sesame and miso topping which had a gorgeous kick to it.

The lamb with goat’s curd, peas and mint was fantastic.

The locally sourced chicken from a close by Etherly farm was served with Cérvennes onion tart and truffle was my absolute favourite. The flavours paired so well, it was rich with a tang but a slight sweetness too. 

Salt-baked celeriac with with truffle which I know is a luxury, but boy is it delicious. 

There was red mullet with crab and Porthilly sauce.

The desserts were something to behold. Lavender ice-cream minute cones were cute as a button.

Passionfruit and coconut mouse tart. 

But the clear winner was the chocolate delice with yogurt sorbet. 

After many, many, many hours of dinner, and slightly too much wine and champagne, for some reason, myself, Angie and Vicky decided we just weren’t quite done, and wanted cheese and crackers! I think the wine might have got the better of us. But sitting by the fire at midnight, with some brie and salted butter, I think we made a very fine choice indeed. 

Morning came just that little bit too early for me, but I have to say, the light soaking in through the curtains was quite spectacular. Soon is back on a train and into London to start a new day, however I can say I was thoroughly refreshed. 

Pennyhill Park is quite something. The spa is fantastic, the setting even more so and well the food. You'll dine like a Queen. If you are looking for a country retreat, I think you'll know where to go now. 


  1. This looks like the most relaxing weekend stay - what a beautiful place!

    That outdoor pool looks super inviting and that lounge with the fire seems like the cosiest place ever. I really feel like cheese and crackers (and wine..!) right now! x

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

  2. Oh my goodness !!! what a Beautiful photos ♥♥ Love you dear ♥♥


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