A Tour Around London With Small Luxury Hotels

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

London is my home, but there is still so much to see and do. Which is why on Tuesday I did a mini tour around London with Small Luxury Hotels, visiting each of their hotels. From cocktail making, to science afternoon tea, it was a fine way to discover a little bit of this incredible city.

Small Luxury Hotels
Small Luxury Hotels is a collection of hotels across the world, that is the mark of excellence. They don't own the hotels; each is it's own individual hotel, but instead it is more a club that hotels can submits to, to prove they are outstanding. The criteria to be admitted is 700 questions long! As you might have seen on my blog, I'm not a huge fan of massive hotels, so an invitation from Small Luxury Hotels to spend the day with them was perfect. In fact, I've stayed in a few hotels before which they look after, so check out these blog posts to get an idea; Lindos Blu and Palais Royale

The Tour Around London
SLH look after 8 properties in London, but due to capacity and renovations, we visited 5. The day was to explore London by visiting each of the hotels and doing a activity special to them. I won't spoil the details, as this is a video post rather than a photo/written one, but here are the 5 amazing hotels I visited: 

Each of the hotels really were fabulous, with very different styles, but each had the service and quality down to a tee. Hope you enjoy the video everyone, let me know what you think below,

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