Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Whisky Masterclass

Johnnie Walker (22)

Now I'd like to think I’m not your average girly girl. I work in a very male dominated industry, I stayed up all night to complete Driver non stop, and I’d rather have a Star Wars phone case than some gem encrusted cr*p. However one thing I am truly girly on, is my drink. I'm a fruity cocktail drinking kind of girl. Nothing heavy, nothing overpoweringly alcoholic tasting. I like a nice easy going drink. So it’s fair to say Whisky has never quite been on my radar.

It is a drink that I would actually love to get into as I find it sophisticated, and secretly I want to be Robin off HIMYM so Its something I need to start liking.

So when opportunity came knocking to have a whisky master class, gone immediately was the fruit, it was time to join the big boys league.

Johnnie Walker (13)

Johnnie Walker and Quintessentially were hosting a master class at the Hoxton Grills private apartment. described as "we designed it to be a home away from home", I think my open mouth was a giveaway that it wasn’t. If only my home was quite so stylish. Although the cupboard full of cereal is defiantly my kind of home!

Johnnie Walker (10) Johnnie Walker (18) Johnnie Walker (14)

We started the evening on a gentle note- cocktsails. I see what they are doing there, easing me in like that.... and I was grateful!

Johnnie Walker (11) Johnnie Walker (17)

We were then told to line our stomachs with minatures from the Hoxton Grill kitchen before the tasting class began.

Johnnie Walker (16) Johnnie Walker (12) Johnnie Walker (24) Johnnie Walker (19) Johnnie Walker (20)

We started with the Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve. Out of the 4, it is the most purse friendly one.
Like with wine, Whisky is complex and there is more to it than just downing it.

Johnnie Walker (23) Johnnie Walker (7)

Tasting is best done is glasses that are almost like an stretched sherry glass. This allows you to swirl, sniff to yours hearts content without covering your fellow whisky taster in said liquid. Although I feel that’s just a challenge.

Like with wine, the first thing you have to do is sniff it nose it. This is considered one of, if not the most important part whisky tasting. Give it s good swirl, and then put your nose into the glass.

So what did I smell from the Gold Label? To me it was like heavy Christmas cake. The one that is dense and full of alcohol.

To get a true appreciation of the Whisky, we were told to hold it in our mouth for 10 seconds and just roll the tongue over it to release the layered flavours.

Now as I said, I’m a girly drinker, so the first sip of the night was of course a bit of a shock, however it is very palatable, and I could definitely see this being a nice drink to accompany some light snacks with friends.

Johnnie Walker (22) Johnnie Walker (2)

Interestingly we were told if you struggle to smell the different flavours, then put some onto your hands, as that way you can absorb the flavour easier. Just maybe do this at home and not in public.

Johnnie Walker (1)

We then moved onto the Johnnie Walker Blue Label. This one is for the true connoisseur at around £200 a pop its not exactly casual drinking. However rightly so, as this was my favourite of the 4. I tasted layers of honey and light fruit which made it a really smooth drink.

Johnnie Walker (4)

Interestingly we were told that dark chocolate can aid the release of flavour in whisky, so we each popped a Paul. A. Young truffle into your mouths and took a long sips of the whisky. The combination was fantastic, the rich bitter chocolate with the slightly sweet whisky was a perfect match.

Johnnie Walker (21) Johnnie Walker (6) Johnnie Walker (8)

Finally we were treated to the King George V. A very special bottle at around £450 this is the head of the family. This was quite a unique blend of almost spice and smoke, but still had a sweet edge as not to feel like Iwas drinking medicine! We were told to hold it in our mouths for a whole 2 minutes to really discover the layers- I failed after a minute. However it was rightly so a exquisite flavour. 

Johnnie Walker (9)

So have I been converted from the tropical, happy clappy land of fruit and sugar? Well I have defintly been converted to whisky. It wont be something I'd drink on a regular basis, but I have since sipped gently on a glass at a bar with friends.

However, if girls are made of suagr and spice and all things nice, then pass me both whisky and fruit please!

Monday, 14 April 2014

St Moritz Cheese Fondue

St Moritz (18)
Some days I think I should be French. No, not for the Breton top or the ban on work calls after 6pm, but for the 3 simple life pleasures. Bread, cheese and wine. If there wasn't such a big hoo ha over balanced diets I would live alone on these 3 things. 
So when someone says lets go eat a dinner made purely of cheese? Well who cares if its not French, I am there faster than a Parisian lady running for the Chanel sample sale.
St Moritz (6)
St Moritz is London's oldest Swiss restaurant specialising is cheese fondue. For anyone living under a rock, cheese fondue is essentially a vat of molten cheese served in a communal pot over a small camp fire like stove  which is eaten by dipping bread speared forks with bread into it. 
The Swiss are so taken with this that it was promoted to a national dish in the 1930s. Well if its good enough for a whole nation, its sure good enough for me.
However, my French ambitions need not be dashed, as Switzerland is heavily influenced by French culture, so we started with some rather traditional starters. If you are squeamish, you might want to scroll a couple of photos down.
St Moritz (8)
Frogs legs in tomato and garlic sauce.
I've always wanted to try those little amphibian critters, more just to say I've tried them. Without sounding like a typical Brit, frigs legs do rather taste like chicken. Sacre Bleu!

St Moritz (10) St Moritz (12)
What a fine pair of legs!
St Moritz (9)
To keep up our traditional fair, we also had snails in garlic butter. Again, for want of a better description, they are rather like mushrooms. Well I never claimed to be anything but a Brit...
St Moritz (11) St Moritz (7)
Pft! Can't take her anywhere!
St Moritz (14)
However, it was this beast that we all really came to try.
St Moritz (17)
A giant vat of molten Gruyere and Vacherin cheese. Bubbling, oozing, melting hot mess. Oh baby!
St Moritz (16) St Moritz (15) St Moritz (13)
With hunks of crusty bread and potatoes, it was time to get dipping.
St Moritz (1) St Moritz (2) St Moritz (3)
St Moritz (4)
St Moritz (5)
The fondue was pretty fun (and messy) but we soon hit a bit of a cheese wall.  Maybe I couldn't quite live on just bread and cheese after all. But throw in a bar of Swiss chocolate and now I think I could live quite content.
161 Wardour St

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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Burgers and Bloggers

Tommi (2)

“If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.” 
― J.R.R. Tolkien

Here, here, Tolkien! And there is fewer men wiser than Tolkien out there, which is why I think food bloggers are some of the happiest, friendliest people around. So stick us all in a room together, and well, I think we may have found the method for world peace.

Last week saw Tommi's Burger Joint host a food blogger and Food Media party in the King's Road location. Open for a few months now, it was simply a way to bring people together for a good time. Burgers and bloggers? Well I know I have no complaints. 

Tommi (7) Tommi (3)

Tommi himself first rallied up the troops and gave a rousing speech as to why he decided to leave Iceland and open up a burger joint. In true foodie style, Tommi gave a big flip the finger to the health critics of burgers and stripped to display rather toned abs. Burger diet? Now that's something I can get on board.

Tommi (4)

So embracing my new found passion for dieting, I decided to tuck right in.

Tommi (16) Tommi (19) Tommi (17) Tommi (18)

Tommi's keep it pretty simple; burger, cheese burger, veggie burger or steak burger. No frills really, just honest clean burgers. I will be completely honest with you, they weren't the best burgers I've had. Maybe because I am actually a fan of the all those 'frills' on burgers, but if you are after hearty, quality patties, then Tommi's your man.

Tommi (21) Tommi (11) Tommi (12)

They do however do amazing sides. Bloody Mary Ketchup? Errrr yes!

Tommi (15)

So with our hearty filled with happiness and our tums filled with goodness, we drank, laughed and ate the night away.

Tommi (20) Tommi (9) Tommi (8) Tommi (10)


Tommi (22) Tommi (25) Tommi (1) Tommi (24)


Tommi (14) Tommi (13) Tommi (5)

On the night, we had all put our cards into a hat, for a mystery prize. Leyla won. Just look at that face- pure surprise. 

And wouldn't you be if you won this bad ass prize...

Tommi (6)

Oh yeahhhhh!

After a quite a few glasses of wine, we all popped over the road to Raffles for some more boozing and boogying.

The camera made a hasty retreat by this point, but before too long, the energy from all those burgers wore off (don't you know us foodies need constant re-fueling?) and it was time for bed, back to the land where we count lamb chops not sheep to help us slumber.

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