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Friday, 9 August 2013


One of the great things about blogging is the blogging network that you build up. I never realised until I a maybe 3-4 months ago when I truly started to participate. Of course, you can blog and just keep to yourself, but if you reach out to others and introduce yourself, you find so many people who you share a common interest with. A bit like the ‘the real world’, you know you have the office social butterflies and the office hermit? Who gets invited to dinner dates? The butterfly. So here is me, Laura; Caterpillar to Butterfly. And who said social media was killing off real friends?


You might remember a few months ago I blogged about attending the Get the Label Urban event. Well I’ve stayed in contact with a few of the girls I met there, and so I thought it was high time we had good knees up and have a reunion.

I sent out a message and got the word out, arranged the date and chose the location- Dough Pizza Kitchen.  I’d come across this little place on my surfing travels and just fell in love with their menu, as you will soon see why.

In the end, sadly we had quite a few cancellations due to work commitments (Bloggers are just so busy, sheesh!) that there only ended up being 4 of us; the gorgeous Frances, Rosy and Lola. But fear not! This meant there were more bubbles for us. Turns out you can work too hard girls...


Get the Label had cottoned on to my little shindig and on arrival surprised us with 2 bottles of bubbly. Nobodies like me don’t get this treatment, so I’m not going to lie, I felt rather special. A career in showbiz is looking awfully tempting right about now.


Being a good little fashion blogger. Top River Island, Necklace H&M, Skirt Topshop


However I was soon itching to dive into diner. I pushed the menus under the noses of my dates, excited to see their reactions

The menu is so different to any other pizzeria I’ve come across.Forget mundane margarita, forget humdrum ham and pineapple. This menu was the contained the words, Teriyaki Salmon, Rum Infused Jerk and Smoked Trout. Hello!


I’m always on the lookout for the unusual, the interesting and sometimes the darn right bizarre. Who wants vanilla when you can have triple chocolate explosion? 


I plumped for the Moroccan. The lamb was so tender it just melted in your mouth. Plus I am a big fan of hot fruit so apricots were a welcomed addition. Plus the honey yoghurt helped. 


Frances picked Paella pizza; Garlic marinated squid, king prawns, chorizo, and chicken. Could you ask for anything more?


While Goats Cheese isn’t too exotic, the caramelised onions were done to perfection. 


Rosy went for Smoked chicken with smoked cheese. I don’t think I spoke to her for a good 5 minutes. 


I defiantly didn’t need dessert, but I just can’t say no. 


Forks at the ready!


I also can’t say no to cocktails. Call me easy, but if someone says cocktails, I’ll come running. We finished the night in Dry Bar, an iconic bar of the Northern Quarter just a block away (oh how American of me). Apparently Madonna and Liam Gallagher have graced it with their presence. 


It was great to catch up with the girls, drink some bubbles, eat (demolish in my case) some dinner and toast to our blogs. Hear, hear! 

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  1. Aw what a great post!! I had a lovely night, totally agree, I've made some really nice friends through blogging- your pretty self included!
    Rosy xxx

  2. Looks like a fab night - wish my tonsils had been well enough to let me make it! Will we get a chance to meet at the Midsummer event next week?

    Charlie xx

    1. I know I wish you could have come too. I'm actually travelling down to V Fest next Thursday so I had to decline the Midsummer event- gutted! I'll arrange another event though, promise :) xx

  3. Replies
    1. You should. They staff were really lovely too, I couldn't decide on my pizza so the waitress and me were chatting for ages to help me decide :) x

  4. You all look gorgeous, your hair is absolutely lovely! Great photos x

  5. What a nice surprise! I love attending events, but I just moved to another continent and don't have any connections in Germany yet! I want to eat pizza and drink champagne, too!

    : signe
    : the daily savant :
    : the daily savant : Blog Lovin

    1. You should send out a tweet calling for a meet up with German bloggers, I'd retweet it to help the chain xx

  6. It looks like you had a fantastic time! :D These photos are great and I absolutely lovvee your outfit! This seems like great fun and those pizzas... mmmm!
    Loving your blog and defiantly going to start following!
    Sofia x

    1. Thanks Sofia. It was my little sale item find. xx

  7. That looks like such a lovely night! Great photos :) xx

    D Is For...

  8. Looks like you had a lovely time!

    And now I'm hungry, lol :)

    Eyeshadow Addicts Anonymous

    1. I was hungry after posting this, and it was only 11am! Pizza brunch maybe? x

  9. And the stomach rumbling begins. Looks like you had an amazing time (:
    Pop round to ours if you get a minute

    Ammie+Sharrie x

  10. AWWWW! lovely, looks like you had a great night!!

    Hugs, Brittany, xx

  11. I have THE biggest craving for pizza now ;)

    Looks like you had so much fn and you all sooo wonderful.
    Girl time is just the best right, it always makes me feel better!

    Check out my Blog Sale |

  12. your outfit looks really nice, and I love your necklace :) it's really simple, yet adds so much to the outfit!
    Thank you for commenting on my post earlier :) x

    1. Thanks Avneesh, it was only 7 pounds in H&M, I've had it for donkeys years, but it is my go- to necklace :) x

  13. That pizza needs to get in my belly now! God I love goats cheese!

  14. These events look like so much fun, you must have had a lovely evening! I need to try Dough when I'm back in Manchester! Looking at that food is making my stomach rumble!

    Kathleen xxx

    1. You should definitely try it, I had a nibble of everyone's pizza, and I must say I think I would have mine again, have the Moroccan for me Kathleen!

  15. Looked like a great event! I loved what you were wearing, and thanks for commenting on my blog x

  16. Ohhhh man what I would give for a cold glass of wine & a pizza right now! Great idea organising an event like this! :)

  17. Awwwh man I sure did miss out! I have the biggest craving for pizza now and it can't just be any 'normal' one, it has to be as good as these ones! Haha you definitely need to organise another meet up! xx

    1. There maybe another in the pipe line Sindy...

  18. You look great with that outfit and so much lovely friends + food!!!

    Would you like to follow each other on Bloglovin and GFC? Take a look into my blog and let me know!

  19. You look amazing! I love your style, its me Paige from the one you commented so sweetly on my nail design! I love your blog. Just followed!! This looks like a lovely event/meeting.

    Looking forward to some more fab posts xx

    1. Aww thanks Paige. Yes, you had fabulous nails! I love nail art so much, I was just so impressed :) x

  20. That looks like you ladies had so much fun! That food looks amazing! *drooling as I type this comment*

    That skirt you're wearing is fabulous!

    xo, Delightful Sunflower

  21. I love your outfit Laura, very chic! Pizza looks amazing too x

    1. Thanks Christy, I'd love to 'this old thing?' but its my lovely new skirt haha x

  22. What a lovely blogger date! It's so awesome catching up with fellow bloggers away from the computer, makes this whole thing feel that little bit more real! x

  23. Pizza and champagne...and on the house too! What could be better?!

    I recently met up with some blogger friends too - totally agree how lovely it is to build up a new little network of buddies.

    The pizzas look seriously good too.

    Caroline x
    Cocktails and Caroline


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